Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 20 October 2019

  • Annette: It was Heather who mentioned the BBC2 programme tonight, but I was also going to say something about it, as I wondered if it might make its way across to the USA on another date! Not sure if we'll watch it as my OH doesn't always like these things examining the causes of disasters.

    Harelady, I remember Seraphina, such a pretty name! I hope she has enjoyed her birthday. The wedding sounds delightful, but badly planned if they didn't take into account the fact that there would be a lot of elderly relatives attending. The cake looks impressive! Enjoy your visit to us here in Cheshire, it's a lovely county (I can say that because I wasn't born here).

    I got all my chores done so am resting on my laurels now.
  • Staying in tomorrow for repairer visit to old chest freezer, so will try to catch up then, but church Mag still needs loads of work!
  • Hello all, just been reading all your news. Hope all is well with you all.

    Just been reading in The Telegraph about Hubbles latest photo of the Spiral galaxy colliding with another galaxy and stars exploding. Also tonight we pass through the debris of Haleys Comet providing the skies are clear to see it.

    Hopefull op won't be cancelled on Friday although just been reading that they could cancel at late notice. Dau is taking me in before going to work , having to leave the house at 7am for 7.30 am check in so do hope she doesn't have a wasted journey.

    Although feeling cooler the weather has been kind, dry with some sunshine.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Annette and anyone else interested, Apologies for any repetition, but I've forgotten if I posted any links about the Birds in Art Exhibition (which we visited in Wausau, Wisconsin, USA) on this thread but here are a few which I've also posted on another thread: (This year's master Artist is Kent-born coloured-pencil artist Alan Woollett.) Three links: 1. www.lywam.org/.../ (Scroll down to read about Alan and see the photo of him working on a close-up study of a Swan.) 2. Here's a bit more in the press release about him, though much is duplicated with the above link: www.lywam.org/.../ 3. Another link about the Exhibition: www.lywam.org/.../

    Kind regards, 


  • Evening all:

    Harelady: So lovely to hear from you and so pleased to hear that you're busy and happy and with yet another grandchild on the way.  That's a very adventurous wedding venue (sounds more like an Outward Bound trip!).  The cake is impressive.  I think I must've missed what kind of work you do - is it something you like?  Do pop in and let us know how you're doing and have fun at the 50th b/day party.

    Lindybird/Heather:  My niece texted me when she was watching the program about the fire.  We've had several on that particular one.

    Lynette: Fingers crossed all goes well with the Friday schedule!

    Gardenbirder: Yes, you did indeed tell us about the Birds in Art Exhibition - I took a look and it was lovely - such details!

    Having lunch with "passing-through" former colleague tomorrow; then daughter arrives Wednesday for a quick visit...

    Have a good Tuesday all.

  • Good Morning. Went to bed at 11.15 last night, then at 11.45 we were woken by fireworks going off, a few streets away. Grr. I suppose this will be the pattern for about two weeks. I signed a petition not long ago, saying that the sale of fireworks should be banned except for use in displays, which makes sense to me.

    Dry here and a reasonable day ahead. I'm off to a Garden Centre where I'm hoping to find some white dinner plates to match two I bought a week or so ago.
  • Horrified to read the stats this morning that they expect the population of the UK to increase by 3 million in the next decade. This is quoted as being equal to 'three more Birminghams" and will be disastrous for our already creaking infrastructure. Goodness only knows where they will all live.

    In fifteen years, the population of our tiny island will be more than 70 million.
  • Quiet on here today. Hope everyone is well and busy.

    Went out, but could not get the plates I wanted, as they were on Sale price and they only had soup plates left. Never mind, I got a bargain t shirt in navy with white stripes, for only £15.00. Also got some bits for the g'children for Chr's, and a couple of cards. Resisted buying my OH a shirt as he would have told me off! ("I've got plenty of shirts....")

    Dry here but colder: the first time this year I wished I had some driving gloves in the car. The farmer is busy plowing and sowing seeds in the fields behind us, so the lovely brown soil has been turned over and all the gulls have arrived looking for worms.
  • Hello!
    A very quiet day for me, just catching up with washing and housework. Middle daughter came yesterday, we did some shopping but no exciting purchases, LINDY! I'm sorry that you didn't get the plates that you were hoping to get.
    Good to see you here, HARELADY - congratulations on the forthcoming arrival!
    Fingers crossed that OG's freezer is repairable. I have a large chest freezer in the garage that is never full, these days. I think that I'll dump it and get a smaller one at some point.
  • I got some pics of the Woodpecker on our peanut feeder, at last - he usually rushes off if he sees anyone, even looking through the window.

    Heather, it sounds like a good idea to me - the smaller freezers are easier to access than the chest type, so much easier to keep track of what you have in there.