Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 15 September 2019

  • LOL!! Diane!! - they must be like my OH, who goes around without noticing a half of things which I see. Very useful when I buy new shoes.......

    Good Morning. Sunny and bright, as promised, here. Must do some bulb planting ready for next spring - I bought some bulbs and was also given a small bagful of daffs free by the garden centre.

    Off to get my breakfast and take a look at AQs photos. Have a good day on your day out, AQ.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Oh dear LINDY. If Benson went anywhere near a road he wouldn't stand a chance. Glad Bonnie got home unscathed.

    Our posties cat went missing 3 weeks ago. It was a young cat and really had just lived indoors. They heard of sightings and friends on facebook were keeping their eyes open. The family upped the reward from £100 to 2 and then £300. We got back from Eden Court on Thurs evening and "Purrcy" was home. He had lost weight and was a bit frightened but all in 1 piece. Our post had been contacted by a family who had found their cat, thank goodness for that.

    Love the name purrcy, saw a Goldie on Scotlands pics name "Sherlock" how good is that!!!
  • AQ:  Thanks so much for the additional link.   You don't get an idea of how much spraying/painting is involved until you see the artist actually working.  That Coonalpyn video is followed by several others, including a lengthy interview with the artist - Guido Van Helten - discussing his silo work in Faulkton, South Dakota.  Apparently he's been painting large murals all over the world but only started doing silos in OZ   Wonder how much he gets paid for this kind of thing and who, in such small towns, would sponsor him.  It's too bad some of these works are so spread out; he said the South Dakota one is a long way from anywhere and right in the middle of that!  I could see Silo Art Tours.....

    Went for walk this morning with the intention of buying red onion for tonight's salad. Got to store, picked up onion, was on my way to the checkout stand when I realized I hadn't brought any money.  Oh dear.

  • Never heard of a Purrcy before, dibnlib, but its a great name. Glad all ended well.

    Bonnie is hopeless in traffic: she runs under bicycle wheels, and towards vehicles....... sometimes I fear the worst when she goes missing.

    Beautiful day here. My OH is just mowing the lawn as it might be his only chance for a week.

  • LINDA - Maybe Bonnie is having a final fling before deciding she cannot be a puppy any longer! She certainly excelled herself in naughtiness this week. My OH mowed Thursday as his possible last chance for the foreseeable future re weather. He has been busy in the garden today; it was sunny, and there was a cool breeze this morning, but at 6 pm we were roasting - 20 degrees, but it has begun to drop now.

    It will probably be raining in the morning, so we decided to give church a miss (been every week for a while) and work together on the newsletter, which since last weeks church meeting is to be known as Contact Magazine, so we want to make it a good one.

    J's eventual arrangement for surgery: hemithyroidectomy at Wythenshawe 4th November. He has a Christie's appointment in October when I shall stay at home (having survived last time) but we shall all go to Manchester for the surgery.

    No other news! Best wishes to all - I hope Heather arrived safely in Wales.
  • Hello all - have read all news, thank you.
    We had a very long journey yesterday from Bristol to Rosemarket in South West Wales. My flight landed at Bristol 1715hrs. We set off in very heavy Friday traffic and eventually stopped for a meal. We ordered food and it took an hour to arrive.... Anyway, we arrived here at 2230. Straight to bed and still tired today, especially my friend who had done the journey both ways, her son driving.
    More from me tomorrow, meantime - regards to everyone.
  • Nice to hear from you HEATHER. What a tedious journey - including waiting an hour for the food to arrive.
    Hope you can have a restful day tomorrow.

    Dibnlib - Glad that Purccy's story had a good ending Love the name. My D in L had a cat called Percy, but short for Persephone. She is really into classics.

    Good that J has some definite arrangements for surgery, and the other appt now OG.

    We went for a walk along the river this evening, but too many cyclists to be relaxing. They were coming from all directions and at speed.
  • Oh Heather --- the roads in Wales are not good, and it takes ages to get to places. Glad you got there OK, in the end.

  • Glad there's now a date for the surgery, OG.

    Rosy, we get het up about cyclists on our walks. Sometimes they come up behind you without a sound. We actually thank the ones who sound a bell!!

  • STARTING NEW THREAD NOW (a little early).