Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 15 September 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • "Shine on, shine on, Harvest Moon, up in the sky......" (old music hall song)

    Thanks Diane, for starting us off again. I know you're busy.

    Annette - re the different sizes of photos -- I have no idea!! To put them on, I first create a short post, (without any pics) either on my tablet or my phone. Then, I return to it on my phone and click on "edit" so I can go back into it again. Then I click on the mountains icon at the top of that post and I can add pics from my phone.

    Enjoyed the "Last Night of the Proms" on tv. The audiences and the orchestra members seem to get younger every year...... maybe because conversely, I'm getting older!

  • Diane: Thank YOU!

    Lindybird: Thank you too - I'll see what happens when I try to upload photos (which I'm remiss in doing).

    Cooler tonight!
  • Good Morning. Dry here but cloudy, now. We hope to go for a walk this morning.

    Annette, this Site and how it works is a mystery to me, now. I'm just glad to get on to it, and for it to allow me to post!

    Hope that AQ has recovered from her exciting travels.

  • Thank you, DIANE!

    FB - its so good to read that you are feeling good results from stopping the statins. Onwards and upwards! I expect that you are having Sunday lunch in the nearby pub...

    OG - You were right - Callum and girlfriend are off somewhere today. Not sure where! It doesn't seem that long since J took his leather jacket to be cleaned - just goes to show how time flies.

    I've had a few phone calls since starting this post so will send now and try to remember other replies, later

  • HEATHER - I don't think he had it cleaned before - maybe you are thinking of someone else! Costing him a fortune - three or four cleans would pay for a new one!

    Did go to church and meeting after. We were told that we are entitled to 25% of a minister, so now we "just" have to find one, after three years without. But in general it was a good meeting. J went to one of the other churches and it seems to have done him good. He also got around to phoning both his sisters yesterday evening to tell them about his health issues.

    It seems cold here today, but dry. OH has been digging potatoes; they are rather scabby so I have suggested a few years without trying to grow them. I am indoors as I seem to be developing a cold and sore throat.
  • Hope it doesn't develop into anything, OG.

    My OH says potatoes get scabs if there's too much lime in the soil. Also, the potato patch needs rotation, so it should be swapped with a green veg row or similar.

    Slightly damp here, but we still managed our walk this morning, and have greeted some old friends who have just arrived: we have not seen them for ages so they're coming around here tomorrow morning for a catch up, which will be mostly health issues and grandchildren!

    Have been fixing a metal child gate to the front door of the caravan, so that in future when its fine weather, we can have it wide open without Bonnie rushing out to greet the bunnies, who are brazenly unfazed by our presence.

  • LINDA - we have a three year rotation throughout our veg patch, and we have acid soil, not lime! I looked up the scab and that also told me its caused by soil being dry and alkaline, but ours is opposite! But it did say they are harmless to eat! Nice that you can have a catch-up with the friends at the site, and a good idea to have a gate to separate Bonnie and Bunnies. Looks as if the fine weather is here for a few days, so hope you can stay a while.
  • Bonnies and Bunnies
    Cavort in the sun:
    If a Bonnie can be quickest,
    Then she has just won!

    But Bunnies are cheeky,
    They run around with glee:
    "We are by far the fastest,
    You'll never catch me!"

  • A grey day today, OG, and since teatime its been raining. Tomorrow will be grey again, I think. We will be heading back on Tuesday as my OH wants to get back, and we both have appointments on Thursday, anyway. I would have liked to stay for a week, but ho hum.

  • AQ: Hope you haven't run into (or been run into by!) any magpies. Am reading that they are very different from their northern cousins and are in the habit of attacking people! Apparently one particularly aggressive one has just been sent off to the great bird nest in the sky by Sydney authorities!

    Hi to all! Sort of a crazy day here but a nice calm evening thank heaven.