OFF-SEASON OBS - LOCH GARTEN - September 2019-February 2020

  • New link or not the feeder is still too high, sigh. Thanks Scylla
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    Gardenbirder said:
    I'm Gardenbirder (Ann), not Catlady!

    Ohhhh !!!  So sorry, GardenBirder :-*   I think I must have been half asleep, as I even forgot to put the new link in my downloader :-/ 

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    Not to worry, Scylla, this sort of thing is all too easy to do!

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    Lovely report, Ann! I myself just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, where I saw magpies, much to my delight. We do not have them back in upstate New York. Nor do we have the majestic ranges, the west side of which is the Wasatch Front just east of Salt Lake City.

    @SCYLLA, your captures are so crystal clear they look 3D! :-*

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    Hi CC, Thanks. And it is great that you saw a Magpie. What sort is it that they have in the Salt Lake City area? The Magpies in the UK are fascinating birds and intelligent, of course, being corvids. Sadly, they reputedly predate small bird's nests but they certainly are entertaining. I once watched a family of 4 or 5 recently fledged juveniles playing in and around a small bird bath, alternately jumping in, splashing about and chasing each other; it was hilarious.

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  • Speaking of Magpies and their virtues/vices - can there be a more aggressive variety than the Australian one?

    Apart from harassing people (cyclists can be knocked off their bikes!), they present a danger to young raptors when they buzz them and their parents persistently over weeks!  This is the elder of two White-bellied Sea-eaglets who were forced to fledge before they were quite ready - the Magpie was here joined by a similar-looking bird, a Currawong, so the eaglet stood no chance.