OFF-SEASON OBS - LOCH GARTEN - September 2019-February 2020

I'm not doing a post-mortem of the LG 2019 season.

Here's to a colourful, action-packed off-season - but the cam needs repositioning and cleaning.  MIKE ??? !!! ;-D

03 September!

As KORKY may have retired in despair (I nearly did myself!), here is An Animal's Guide to Britain.

(Originally posted by IAN and reposted by KORKY here with comments  ) 

Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • 03 September

    Looks like the "other birds" have done very well while we haven't been looking :o   There were a lot of GSW visits, including 3 at the same time:

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • In reply to scylla:

    Yesterday's Crestie - we can see it in the foliage behind :)