• Today's Family Portrait - they're all still here!

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    Off for the night now  -  BFN

  • Evening, All, and thanks for all of the pics and posts.
    Karen, You are doing an amazing job for us with this nest, what with all of the captures and the family portraits. Thanks ever so much! We are off to see them tomorrow or the next day depending on the weather.

    Kind regards, 


  • FISH @ 20:42

    Closing down when nightcam came on.  Maya was on the nest and 33 approached the nest with a fish for her.

    Maya takes the headless fish from 33, 33 having had his share

    she takes off as 33 wipes his beak but drops the fish

    Maya comes down and grabs the fish, 33 flies off and Maya follows with the fish to have her supper.

    Video of 33 Fish Delivery for Maya