LOCH ARKAIG (The Woodland Trust) - AUGUST 2019

  • Up to 14.00 today, It looks like there has only been one fish delivery. This was at 12.15, a nice whole fish which Mallie (as the only juvenile on the nest) took without any fuss. Louis managed to make the delivery & depart unscathed. Prior to that the youngsters had shared the two fish parts which were lying from Monday, Rannoch being first on the nest got the larger chunk. Ian

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    Ian S said:

    14:10hr - Oh there you are !!! :)  Good to see you back :)

    I'm doing catchup but dilly-dallying so you gazumped me.

    Mallie finished first, did some flap-prancng and flew, Rannoch left not long after:

    Fishes left on nest:

    No further visits before nightcam:

    It rained a lot overnight:

    Rannoch was first in and claimed Mallie's bigger leftover:

    Surely Mallie must be a boy:

    S/he had to make do with Rannoch's leftover:

    Mallie flew with fish:

    Then Rannoch:

    But she returned to eat on the nest:

    Mallie came and wanted some but Rannoch ate the lot and they were both gone by 06:09:

    A juvie zipped on 'n off the nest, shortly followed by an LBJ which I'm sure you can ID, then by a Robin.  I put the liddle birds on FF and that was bad judgement but I didn't feel I had time to edit... but it would have been quicker in the end :-/