LOCH ARKAIG (The Woodland Trust) - JULY 2019

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    small Coalfish or Pollack, an unusual Osprey catch

    I would opt more for Coalfish due to its darker colour and obvious white line along the flank

    Richard B

  • Thank you, RICHARD :)

    I can't imagine you shouting at anyone, SHEILA :o But I suppose cold callers can tip anyone over the edge ;)

    There's been a lot of activity, including Aila and juvies, on the nest (empty now) which I hope to catch up on later.

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  • Nice fish. Pity piggy's got it

    (c) WT Loch Arkaig

  • After a tussle, Rannoch gets the fish

    (c) WT Loch Arkaig

  • An eagerly awaited fish turned out to be a stick from Aila

    (c) WT Loch Arkaig

  • Mallie spots Alia flying in - and semi-mantles

    Allia arrives…

    Mallie takes one look and…


    And then pecks a couple more times. Alia flies off.

    Mallie's behaviour feels very territorial to me. 


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  • Well it's degging it down at LA so I've decided we'll see no more action here tonight.

    SO this thread is closed and here's the new thread for August.

  • In reply to Korky:


    FISH !!!

    Mallie received it and ate the lot, this is the tailfin going down, after some feaking she flew:

    Rannoch looked on the bright side :-*

    And flew off:

    Here's Aila in one of the gatherings of the 3 femals that followed - but no fish arrived:

    During one of Rannoch's waits she got intrigued:

    She had a sit-down but didn't flatten:

    Mallie was doing the shouting for the cam:

    FISH !!!

    A good flounder and Mallie got it:

    Eventually Rannoch managed to take it:

    But Mallie got it back:

    And Rannoch got it back again:

    All gone!

    Mallie returned and behaved sweetly: