LOCH OF THE LOWES - August 2019 to end of February 2020

  • In reply to Sandra :

    Good morning all,
    A very misty morning. Both PT4 and PT5 have been on and off the nest since first light, no fish deliveries so far. At present, PT4 is alone on the nest
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    11:58 An unringed juvenile has landed on the nest

    PT5, left, and PT4 mantling

    Unringed juvenile landing (top, right)

    PT5 left the nest

    PT4 'Shoo!' Intruding juvenile flew off (right of pic)

    Still no fish deliveries

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    It was such a surprise Mike, PT4 and PT5 had been mantling beforehand

    13:25(ish) Laddie delivered a fish, PT4 grabbed it, PT5 grabbed Laddie's foot not once, but twice, then went to 'attack' him before he flew from the nest

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    14:10(ish) An awful fish handover for Laddie courtesy of PT5 who, in attempting to grab the fish, assaulted his dad. He did manage to claim it. Poor Laddie 

    Laddie almost off the left edge of the nest

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  • Thank you Sandra & Mike for today's updates & captures. Lovely looking juvie, wonder where it's from.

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  • In reply to Starling:

    Hopefully not too far away from its natal nest, Starling :)

    20:10 I've not seen any other fish deliveries today

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    Sandra wrote the following post at 13 Aug 2019 12:01 PM:

    11:58 An unringed juvenile has landed on the nest

    Better late than never ;)  I saw your remark on Glaslyn.

    Sound (almost) synced.  I let it run a bit to hear that the birds were still protesting, it went on longer than that.