LOCH OF THE LOWES - August 2019 to end of February 2020

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The season so far:    LM12 (Laddie) arrived back 15 March and LF15 (Lassie) on 23 March.  Lassie laid 3 eggs on 4, 7 and 10 April hatching 11, 12 and 16 May.  Sadly on 26 May tragedy struck and the third chick died.  The remaining two chicks were ringed on 26 June as follows:  #1 Blue PT4 (M) and #2 Blue PT5 (M). Ringing Blog

6th July PT5 fledged

7th July PT4 fledged

Both juveniles have been seen attempting to fish in the Loch. PT4 was successful on 23rd July

Lassie (LF15) has not been recorded as being seen on the nest since early morning on the 25th July - though this requires confirmation from the Lowes team 

Farewell LF15 our beautiful female osprey Blog 2.8.19

Our ospreys have left? Blog 17.8.19

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  • Thank you Sandra for starting the new month.
    Both juveniles on the nest. Scroll back shows Laddie delivering a large fish some 36 minutes ago which PT5 grabbed.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • PT4 now has now flown as his brother continues to enjoy his fish
  • In reply to patily:

    Good morning  Mike, Patily and all

    Just before your report Patily, PT4 stole the remainder of the fish from PT5

    7:15 PT4

    7:28 PT4 left the nest after finishing his breakfish

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  • Thanks Sandra - lovely start to the new month and Well Done :-)
  • In reply to Karen:

    Thanks Karen, I surprised myself! lol

    10:35 Laddie brought a headless fish to a waiting PT4. PT5 incoming on the left of picture

    10:53 Continuing to tuck in

    10:55 Keeping the crow at bay

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    11:32 One very brave crow!

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    No further fish deliveries as far as I can see through scroll back. The cam was focused on the dead tree by the Loch for a lot of the afternoon with PT4 and PT5 flying off to the left from there and also going on the branches to rest. Both have been on and off the nest this evening calling for fish

    20:10 Fish! PT4 was waiting on the nest to claim from Laddie, PT5 incoming

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    I should have continued watching - PT5 got the fish after a tug-of-war with PT4!

    20:16 PT5 flew from the nest taking the fish with him. PT4 left a minute or so after but has since returned


    Can hear lots of distant calling, possibly PT5

    20:42 PT5 joined his brother on the nest, he had eaten his fish (it was a small one)

    20:49 PT5 flew off again, there's calling from him away from the nest

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    PT4 flew from the nest at 21:02

    21:18 OH NO! PT4 and PT5 flew to the nest, Laddie delivered a small live fish. PT4 claimed it but didn't grab it in his beak well enough - fish jumped over the left side of the nest!

    PT4 remained on the nest after PT5 left

    PT4 flew off at 21:32

    21:37 Oh Laddie, you're an absolute star! PT5 onto the nest first (fullish crop), PT4 (sunken crop) arrived then Laddie with another fish - PT4 finally got his fish!

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  • Thank you for all the reports Sandra. So glad PT4 got a fish!

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