Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019

  • Good Morning. Dry here and sort of misty grey skies.

    Annette, you'll be tired after they leave, but it sounds as if you've had lots of fun! The book sounds hilarious!

    I remember The Day of the Triffids on TV, it had me gripped.

  • Good morning, ALL – grey day with intermittent (but frequent) short showers.  Birds stuffing themselves and offspring as usual, including new arrivals as Mr & Mrs Blackbird have new twins as their second brood!

    J has set off to Dumfries on the train – long walk from station that end, so OH gave him a lift this end because he is carrying a guitar “to be looked at” by the music shop.  So, two of us for lunch and our main meal will be after he comes home.

    ANNETTE – early start for you this morning, but now at least your Daughter can help keep Ms D amused – or is it the other way around?  That sounds like a wonderfully silly book!  We listened to Grandson reading The Wonky Donkey to Miri when they were here – she loves books.

    LINDA – are home-grown Raspberries finding their way south with all the M&S goodies today?  Have a lovely visit!

  • OG: Lovely photo of such a pretty girl.
  • Back from going south once again, to visit our Youngest and family, and meet our new granddaughter, Roseanna! She is beautiful, if rather sleepy: the Midwife, who came to visit whilst we were there, said that this is not unusual in little ones who've been born little early. We just need to get her to take in enough calories to give her the energy to wake up enough to eat some more, in other words! Thankfully, she had had a very good feed just before we arrived, and since we got home, she has had another, so should be much stronger after today.

    We took a lot of pics of each other holding her, so more photos on here another day. EDIT:  She seems tiny, as she is smaller than her siblings were, and almost a half of the weight of my boys when small! Her name is an amalgam of her great grandmother and grandmother, on her mothers side. Plus Maria for my mother, who was Mary, and my name tagged on at the end.

    Thanks for the glimpse of a very cute Miri, OG! Didn't take any raspberries today as my OH rushed to wash and freeze all that he had, ready to make jam with later, when he has some more. The M&S stuff was gratefully received, as it will save our son some time whilst he is rushing around during his 2 weeks of paternity leave.

  • Bumping up. We are expecting severe storm very soon. Dau & Co are visiting Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island for few days - if they don't blow away.
  • Good Morning. Goodness, AQ! Stay safe, and I hope it doesn't affect the family too much. Off to Google Hindmarsh Island......

  • I'm going to Google it too, LINDA/AQ !

    It is very warm and muggy here today and there could be a thunderstorm later, I think. Apart from that I have no news to write! Unless I tell you that I am off to sweep up millions of petals from one of the Philadelphus shrubs. I must arrange for it to be shortened somewhat.

    It must have been lovely to see Rosie, LINDA. She'll pick up quickly enough if she is fed little and often - as seems to be the case.
  • Morning all:   Very quick look in  We are off to meet granddaughter today before all goes back to normal tomorrow.  My eyes glazed over a few days back.....

    Lindybird:   Will you shorten her name to Rosie or will she be Roseanna?  Or maybe Roseanna Maria Linda!!! for when she's being naughty - much later on.  Ms. D gets called by her first and second names when her Mom really wants to get her attention.  Hurray for M&S.

    AQ:  Do hope the storm signals the start of a serious rainy period (with no problems of course).

    Heather:  Good luck with the leaves.

    OG: Hope all is well chez vous.

    Off to organize as much as I can before everybody wakes up.  Take care all

  • Not surprised you're struggling to keep up, Annette! - it must have been fun though, to spend time with them. I checked with our son as to whether it was alright to call her Rosie, as we began to almost right away, and he says either that or Roseanna is fine.

    Here is one of my pics from yesterday. You can see that she seems to have inherited my (very) large hands, even though she is a tiny wee thing! These are my huge hands in the photo, brown after sitting in the sun in Wales at the weekend.

    ------  its not posted, and now I've been called away by my OH - back to fix it later...

    right, fixed it. Her knuckles looked big right away, its something I inherited from my own grandmother, never mind my large father! And of course, my over 6 ft OH and her own daddy.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindy: That is a very beautiful wee baby!!!