Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 12 May 2019

  • Here I am at last.... forgot to warn you yesterday that we had been told a couple of weeks ago, today was a day of online servicing by our Provider, Virgin Cable. I thought it might take all day as they said it could be as late as 5.30pm before service was restored, but just found that we are back on (and on our TV, too).

    Harelady, so pleased to hear that you had a nice surprise. Don't spend it all unwisely!! (Joke!)

    Amazing to think that James is 2 already, it's flown by. Good that you were able to get to the celebrations.

    My OH has gone off to the Outpatients Minor Injuries Unit, as he found that something was irritating the sole of his foot a couple of days ago - he thinks he has a thorn in it. I tried to gently poke around but daren't do too much, so he rang our GP practice nurse but they declined taking a look. He just rang me to say that he's in the queue, which is more than 2 hours long!

  • I would have kept prodding LINDY but it is easy for me to say :-) My other name is Cruella.... A sterilized needle and forceps and a few well chosen words.... I remember DIANE sewing up her own hand a few years ago!
  • Lindybird/Heather: Then there's the sterilized needle (over a flame) to get out embedded splinters. Ouch! I got a huge splnter in my foot from sliding across a hardwood floor once - I froze it with ice before I dug it out. It helped - a bit. Amazing how little things stuck in the skin can hurt so much. Hope Lindybird's OH has taken a book with him.

    Harelady: Lovely to hear you've been busy with family. Congrats on the RSPB win. My Dad used to do the football pools every week and I know my UK family buys Lottery tickets now and then. We only get them here when the prize is umpity millions. I was having a laugh with the guy at the store the last tine and he said he couldn't understand why so many people flocked to buy tickets for the really huge prizes, as if, he said, "Two or three million wasn't enough."

    Gray and cloudy again. I have two whale shifts this week, but none have been spotted for days...... I may take a book (just kidding). I suspect we may end the count earlier than usual....

  • In reply to Heather B:

    That doesn't bear thinking about HEATHER
  • That guy is talking sense ANNETTE

    LINDY Should have said that I hope OHs foot is sorted out and to doesn't take too long.
  • Foot update: My OH stuck it out, in a room, he said, full of "Old men needing new dressings on their elbows, and screaming toddlers" He really wished he'd thought to bring a book! He had to read old gardening magazines.

    Eventually, he got to see a Doctor, after 2 & a quarter hours. He said that as the thorn wasn't visible, he'd rather refer him on. My OH pleaded with him to try and dig it out. So he froze the area, and made a small incision - it was very small when he showed it to my OH but it must have been painful, for him (EDIT: my OH) to have done something about it!

    I tried to dig out some of the surrounding skin with a sewing needle I'd soaked in antiseptic gel, so that I could see it - I had some tweezers at the ready, but it was too deep in. I'm not surprised, if the doctor had to dig around.

  • Lindybird: "Refer him on"???  How many weeks would that have taken?   Glad your OH was insistent.

  • He sounded like a reluctant participant, Annette. My OH said his bedside manner was almost non existent.

    I said that if he'd been referred on it could have taken weeks before he even got an appointment.

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    Harelady - looks like you've been a bit busy. Congratulations on your win. I have just bought a few raffle tickets for the June draw, nothing will come of it but at least I am putting in a bit of a donation. That's what families are for - they will help you through the dark days as you will help them. Happy Birthday to your grandson. I bet it was - that is listening to two old friends meeting up and having a good old remminiscing.


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    AQ - he won't even do that, that is eat pasta or rice when out, have to make sure that there is something on the menu that he will like.

    Lindy - how awful for those folk. Glad you had locked yours away.


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