DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - MAY 2019

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    Hi CatLady,
    Really? Is this 40-year-empty-now-occupied nest & tree this close to LG? I feel ignorant.

    And wondering at that nest surviving 40 years? Some maintenance must have been done on it, no?

    Well, let's be patient some more. It may pay off in the end... #fingerscrossedstill

    2016: first time in history an Osprey nested in the NL. 2018: 2 active nests! 2019 a storm interferes. 2020: a third active nest in a tree! 

  • @OM and Thanks to 25 Mac for bringing info forward from FB.

      Wonderful news after40 years.I was hoping that Tigers

    Ospreys News Bulletins would have more info, particularly as he had commented. Maybe later today we will learn more.


  • It's been horrible scrollng thru, the pixels are so unstable.

    I can't ID this little bird, not no-how: