DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - MAY 2019

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    Hi OM, the news was on Facebook from A9 birds. The A9 is the start of the main road from up in my neck of the woods (Caithness) down to Inverness and onto Perth. I am unsure of the actual area where A9 birds cover but Aviemore, where they give us all the updates re the Osprey's fishing etc, is only 10 miles from Loch Garten. Again unsure where this nest is, that has been used for the first time in 40 years, but will be probably be in or around the same area.

    Hopefully there is still hope for the LG nest, but from what I read, I think by mid month, that would be about the timeline for something to happen!

    This is the A9 Birds Facebook link ( I am not on facebook but you can view lots, keep hitting not now, to set up an account) - A piece about dear EJ (scroll down to the entry on 19th April) down the page a bit and the 40 year old nest being used at the top.


    Another link about A9 birds, for anyone intersted, actually sounds really good!


    Bet you wished you had not asked now OM!

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  • Hi Catlady. There is another Osprey nest about 2 km from the LG nest which has been used for many years. If I remember correctly in about 2003 or 2004 a male intruder at LG, Red 8T was identified as being hatched at this closest nest to LG.,
  • Hi CRinger, yes I knew about that nest as well, maybe that is where our EJ had been when she lId eggs that were not her resident partners, she was know to be a bit of a Lady!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I saw her fishing a lochan in 2004 that was only about half a km from that nest. I am sure she knew of this nest.
  • What remains a mystery is why no males who were hatched within say 15 km from the LG nest and who do not have an established territory have not been observed displaying above the vacant LG nest trying to attract a female. I think my frustration at not having sound to try and identify this over the past few weeks at LG must be on a par with Scylla. .
  • CRinger - everything about LG just now to me is a mystery. I just cannot believe that after all the hassle Odin and EJ endured that there is no osprey in sight. It seems the young are only interested in established nests and to cause havoc. It is very sad but I think it more likely that we could see a mature male which has been ousted from their own nest.

    For us it has just been a few months, but looking at this empty nest, I can't even begin to imagine the delight of those witnessing the return of the osprey back in 1956 and nesting 1959.

  • Apropos the pictures of the '' finchy'' bird. If this little bird was green it would be a female crossbill which is stripey .like this one and the same size . Maybe a juvenie? not yet in its adult colours? That's my guess
  • Hi Cirrus........... all juveniles fledged this year, male or female crossbills have the stripey plumage is my understanding. Its only when they moult into adult plumage that sex can be established.
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  • Oh Well, Thanks for the report Scylla