LOCH ARKAIG (c)The Woodland Trust - MAY 2019

  • Thank you for further explanation and "photo ID" IAN RICHARD and SCYLLA Can clearly see the differences
    SCYLLA Thanks too for the video Poor Aila The owl very nearly caught with those outstretched talons
    Louis still incubating the eggs
  • Thanks for the night time video SCYLLA - poor Aila no wonder she is frightened, having something flying at you in the dark is very scary.  She did herself proud though. 

    At the moment:- 

    Louis incubating, then Aila just landed with a bit of bark, and tip toed around the nest with it :-) 

    After a wee while Louis eventually lets her incubate and flies off. 

    I thought Aila was so funny going round about Louis with that piece of bark.   Louis is looking at the bark as though to say you didn't leave me some fish then :-)