LOCH ARKAIG (c)The Woodland Trust - MAY 2019

  • Aila is back, Louis not getting up yet.


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    patily said:
    Thanks IAN and RICHARD Will look for those markingsnext time Of course, just to be awkward, Aila is currently facing the camera

    Patily, if you get the chance to scroll back to 18.30 (plus or minus a few minutes) on 1 May, you will see Louis incubating & Aila standing to the left of the cup,. They are helpfully both showing the backs of their heads & the difference in markings are quite clear. Ian

  • Thank you for all your pictures , not been capturing any for a bit as problems with Laptop

    Plane flew past nest around 6.34pm, but I believe not the first time recently . Think it may be

    a Hercules again.  Look just above the Birch Tree in the pic.

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    Patily, here are a couple of pictures of the backs of their heads.



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  • And for good measure... ;-D

    SHEENA's aeroplane - The Movie ;)