• Oh my Blue 33 has just plopped a stick close to the nestcup.
  • Looks like an intruder is around.
  • Thanks, Everyone, for the updates and pics and for your comments. I fully understand the frustration of the current situation and wouldn't want anyone banned for being too outspoken and/or using sweary words, etc.!
    My diversion is checking up on other nests (with better coverage!), despite this Osprey project being the very first one which I was able to visit in person and the only one I've visited every year since I began following Osprey nests. That Osprey mania began in what was the much missed 5R's last year on the Manton Bay nest, not that anyone knew that then. We visited Manton Bay on the last day of Birdfair 2013 and were privileged to see and hear 3J, now Telyn, Queen of the Dyfi nest, (and one of her siblings) shouting to her parents that she was starving and them ignoring her. So wonderful that she has survived numerous migrations and a failed nesting attempt with 51 and has taken up with Monty, successfully fledged 3 chicks and she is well on the way to the same again. She is one special bird (as is Monty, of course!) And I love Maya and 33, too, of course (among numerous other Ospreys)--Maya is Telyn's Mum so there is a good heritage there.
    Apologies for rambling on!

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  • Maya feeding the chicks just now.   Egg #4 still there and impossible to know if any pips/cracks.

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  • While Maya feeds the chicks a chase is going on in the bay!!

    Is it 33 with a fish being chased by a gull???  

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  • I think he was chasing the gulls earlier.
  • I have related on a number of occasions how I was browsing a bird magazine in W H Smiths Swiss Cottage in August 1999 when I noticed that Rutland had opened a website on 1 July 1999. and  I took note of the address. Life was forever different. I had been vaguely aware of the project  before that but had no way of being updated.

    I my view that website edited by Barry Galpin was a classic. It is still available so you can judge for yourself on it quality.  See  Rutland Ospreys

    However ospreyitis really took off around 1st June 2004. That is when I discovered the first streaming osprey webcam which was set up to honour Dennis Puleston.  To this day I have no idea how I found it but not when looking for *** pornography as one viewer claimed. Mind you in those days search engines were not like they are today. 

    I remember one morning I was waiting for Dennis to bring a fish. I had a long wait. 

    That cam also had a message board that still exists. We had a nice community although there was always a hint that it was New Yorkers v The Rest of the World. 

    There were some great friendships formed on that board, some of which persist to this day.

    It has all grown from there. Now there are a lot of well versed fans in the world. 

    So the thing is not to get too attached to any one site. There is so much to see. 

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  • I haven't had time to look thru for any overnight "developments".

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  • Morning All

    I wonder if we have had a hatch overnight?    I think it will be difficult to see with the sun casting a strong glare on the nest just now 

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