Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 April 2019

  • Heather, what a pain. Hope you can get the lock fixed.

    I managed to get hold of Gs husband at last, and he is OK. He's had lots to do of course, so has been busy. He has two invites out to eat this weekend, a suggestion from his daughter that he go on a cruise with them in the autumn, and ----- he is going to Greece for Easter! He said "I'll have to think about it", to the person who invited him, then after a walk with the dog, he rang them back and accepted. There will be six of them in a small hotel in a tiny place in Greece. "Good for you" I said!
  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Oh, I see TeeJay. Sorry! I was not far from La Oliva.
  • Hi all, Plodding along as usual. At least the weather has been kind during the day so have managed to put washing out, great.

    Just read the last two pages and loved Linda's photo's - thanks.

    Hope you are all Ok, have a great weekend.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Not sure where this week has gone. There was the usual nanny duty, drove OH to Doc appt, only housework I remeber was removing protective coating of dust on furniture. With a fine day & 24 C predicted, I decided to do a catchup wash and gathered everything I could for 2 loads. It is well on the way when OH reports misty rain. <sigh> Yes, we need rain but this mist is not enough for garden (let alone farmers’).

    ANNETTE & HEATHER – I read that the cat belonged to the embassy.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: I would think it's reasonable that the salvia have returned to their bright red color because of the increase in rain. I don't know much at all about gardening, though, except that I'm tired of cleaning up the recurring stinging nettle around the front of my house. LOL I didn't know anything about the SpaceX launch. I missed it completely. Facebook seems to have changed what it considers a priority in my newsfeed.

    Lindy: I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos. I love the balconies full of flowers.

    Heather: If it's any consolation, I have my own door lock issues. My front door wouldn't lock, so I bought a brand new door knob system to install. When I tried to remove the old one, I stripped the screw. Now I can't get the thing out of the door knob hole. I'm going to put some duct tape across the top of the stripped screw, so the screw driver will have something to grasp. If that doesn't work, I'm going to take a hammer and hit the danged thing like a wild woman until it falls apart!!!
  • Evening all:

    OG; I bet you enjoy being out and about after being indoors for so long. Are you finding it easier to get around?

    Lindybird: Nice that G's husband is being invited to places - and accepting. Good for him!

    Heather: At least you've got the family members to help with all those broken household bits and pieces.

    Diane: I missed that Kennedy launch too; no mention of it on TV. Are you in the path of any tornadoes?

    Hi Lynette; hope you're doing well.

    Have been on the go all day. Lots lots got done but I'm fading fast.. Can't believe it's Saturday tomorrow - already!

  • Good Morning, All. Bright again, here.

    AQ -- I realise now that I have had a good "protective coating" on my furniture for a while! Sorry your washday turned out to be damp....

    Annette - Good that you got lots done, but please take a break now & then!

    Lynette - Nice to hear from you.

    I was tired yesterday, after a bout of hay fever which dried up when I took a medication but that then had the effect of a woozy head and a headache. Ugh. Off out shopping and errands today.
  • You'll be relieved to hear that I'm feeling a lot better today. Not as much snuffling and sneezing, so no need for meds. I've got a clearer head and the sun is still bright, but I can't get up any enthusiasm for going outside to do gardening, as it's darned cold!

    Will take to my ironing board instead, at least it will make the pile of crumpled clothes a bit smaller.
  • Exciting news on the LG thread, as an osprey pair have been seen on the nest, mating! Not our dear EJ, sadly - she must have decided to retire to warmer climes
  • Hello LINDY
    Have had middle daughter, Callum and his girlfriend here today, they have just left and I can come on here to see the status quo.
    I'm glad that you are feeling better, The sun has been shining here, all day, but not very warm.

    DIANE - I hope that you can fix your lock. I'm not quire sure about what you did to the screw, but I have heard of folk drilling a screw out? Callum used easing oil and brute force on my lock. It is working now but youngest son in law says that his dad will come and replace the lock at some point, as it seems to be on its way out.

    ANNETTE - ease up! you seem to be very tired - sorry about the whale count. Olive bushes? Does that mean that you get olives?

    OG - Is J a bit of a hoarder? Seems a lot of rubbish to collect in a bedroom!

    Will check the LG nest....