Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 April 2019

  • More pics of the stunning views on this sunny day:

  • Wow ! Looks like our resident poet has made a name for herself! Congrats, Linda!
  • Alan, thank you. I don't often go onto the Community Chat page these days, so wouldn't have seen it. I have (I hope) replied to his enquiry.
  • He did two posts and I replied to the other one rather than the one you have just replied to, I put a link in there to this thread so hopefully you will get a reply here too.

    My Flickr photos

  • Hope Lindybird remembered which poem the person is talking about...

    Was scheduled for Whale Shift today but the afternoon has been canceled due to high winds. :-( First calf of the season was spotted yesterday.
  • In reply to Alan:

    Thanks, Alan.
  • No idea which poem was being referred to, Annette!

    Good that the first calf of the season has appeared. It seems to get quicker and quicker that you begin your whale watch, every year. How the year goes round. I referred back via Alan's link and could not believe that I was reading poems I had written over 8 years ago!

    Thanks for your congrats, OG, but I don't think its "fame at last," LOL!

    Will go back on here and look at the links to the Black Hole references earlier today.

    My OH and I went to visit sis in law today, and were able to sit in her garden with our cuppas, admiring her gardening work: she only has a small patch but is trying to get ground cover on it so that there will be less weeding, so we took her some big pots of of the hardy geraniums which spread, as there are lots of them in our garden.
  • Evening all:

    Lindybird: Those pictures look like the back country behind our hills after a long hot summer.  What a change from home.   Have you had any contact with G's husband?  I assume his family has been staying in close touch.

    Diane: Is that late winter storm about to descend on you guys?

    Can't believe it's Friday again tomorrow......have a good one all.

  • Annette: I really enjoyed that video, thanks. Wonderful! I saved it in my Favorites. It was hot today, way too warm to snow here, but right now I'm having a wicked thunderstorm with wild torrential rain and 50 mph winds. Glad you enjoyed the choir. Sounds like a lovely evening.

    Lindy: Congrats on being a famous poet! I enjoyed all of your photos. Lovely yellow flowers.

    Speaking of flowers. When I went to the mailbox today, I noticed that I have a lovely big bed of daffodils blooming on the north part of the land. They seem to have bloomed overnight. But here's the weird thing: My daffodils are white this year, not yellow like they were last year. Why would that be? They're healthy, large, and lovely, but white!