Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 April 2019

  • Hi all. Lovely reading all your news and the variety of weather around the globe.

    Its been overcast most of the days down here with occasional bursts of sunshine, although today was a lot better. Not too cold, either.

    Love the amaryllis. AQ looks really dry reminds me of last summer over here when all was parched.

    Glad all OK at dentists, OG , and that you managed to sit out and enjoy the sunshine etc.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Good morning LYNETTE from very cool Adelaide. I just came on, saw your post, haven't had time to read back yet.
  • Annette, I saw a couple of tv reports about the new treatment for Parkinson's, which seems very promising. It would be wonderful if they could at least hold the symptoms at bay for some people.

    Forgot to say that those cactus flowers were the size of the palm of my hand. More pics of our trip, tomorrow.
  • Good Morning. Bright here, again. We're having an amazing spring.

    AQ: Glad to hear that it's cooler for you at last.
  • Well, my appointment with the doctor became interesting. All my blood tests proved absolutely clear. To put it mildly we were both astonished! As of now I am nearly back to normal. Perhaps getting gluten free products ready to change eating/drinking habits did something! I am maintaining the B12 daily regime and we will see what happens, everything else has now been dropped. We are sticking with the neurology appointment in July in the hope that it may provide an explanation.

    As of the moment normal rules apply – whatever that means! One happy bunny.
  • Wow! - that's just wonderful, FB. Such good news. A relief for you, too, to have a worry removed.
  • Good News, FB - you must be so relieved! Enjoy the summer!

    Lovely day here - frost to start but warming up fast. Garden is definitely looking more like ....... a garden!
  • Hey Folks. A global network of telescopes has for the first time captured images of a supermassive black hole. There's a press conference at the U.S. National Science Foundation coming up in a few minutes.

    Watch live here:

    or at the NSF YouTube page here:

  • Morning all:

    FORESTBOAR: Brilliant - maybe they got your records mixed up with someone else's?

    DIANE Saw that about the black hole. And yesterday, on a website I now can't find (arghh), they showed a video simulation of what it would be like to fall into a black hole (It showed an astronaut kicking another one into a nearby black hole!). Meanwhile, here's a BBC story from 2015 that says what the video showed: www.bbc.com/.../20150525-a-black-hole-would-clone-you

    Off to Do Stuff.
  • Exciting about the black hole pictures.

    Another beautiful day here: We went to Bents, the big garden centre. There we gazed at the mind boggling floral displays, sat on some of the glamorous garden furniture, then had a humble lunch of pea & ham soup with great big chunks of artisan bread. I bought some dianthus plants and a Happy Wedding card for a forthcoming family wedding. (It's going to be in Edinburgh so we don't think we're invited, as we've not been asked yet and it's only a few weeks off). Saw the cute spring lambs and the alpacas in the fields on the way there.

    Bonnie just came back from her walk with a dried up, dead rabbit. My OH lured her into the house for her meal then disposed of it!