Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 February 2019

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    A nice morning here in Suffolk - hoping to get out for a walk later.

    Annette re getting a train to London - the rail companies tend to use the weekends to do maintenance and quite often there are bus replacements so the journey would be a long one. Also I would have to go into London then out again to get to my Sons so quote a few changes. I'll struggle on with the driving for now.

    Re birds in the garden - i too have had a couple of Greenfinches this year - not had them before but one of them had some sort of disease as he had a nasty growth on his beak. I read this can be caused by old seed going mouldy but my seed doses not last that long with all the Goldfinches I get - I never got them when I used Niger seed but now I only use sunflower hearts they go in no time.

    Have a good day all

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    I have just written but it hasn't appeared. Wonder if this one will..
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    How frustrating. Why did the previous one not post? Who knows.
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    AQ:  A tolerable 75F for PatO then....

    Harelady:  I've heard the same comments from my UK family re the trains.  All rails lead to London....    Wonder if you could drive to a convenient station that might have a direct train to son's, but that's probably more trouble than it's worth too...

    Heather: Nice to read that you're still having lots of company for dinner, but losing posts..  

    Am reading a good book - Forty Autumns - about a Germany family living in the Soviet part of East Germany after the war. Their teenage daughter escaped to the West and ended up in the U.S., but separated from her parents and siblings for decades.   It's a bit like The Home That was Our Country, by Alia Malek.  Also just finished reading The Witch Elm by Tana French (novel), which had very good character development and wonderful dialog, although I was just a tiny bit frustrated by the ending.


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    I've tried again but got continuous error messages. Bet this one posts, though!
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    Cruise ship Queen Elizabeth was unable to berth at Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island yesterday, so they came to Adelaide a day early. KI people disappointed having expected tourist spending. Their loss, Adelaide’s gain. This morn it is blissfully cold, hot again by weekend. Nanny duty pm. How can be Wednesday already?
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    Dang!  I responded to this. Where did it go?  Lost with Heather's methinks...

    AQ; I saw that rough seas caused the QE to detour. A shame for KI businesses. I didn't realize KI was just across the water from Adelaide  Have you ever been there?  And are there really Kangaroos!  :-)

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    Good morning. Here's hoping this posts. LINDY- so sorry about G. Nothing else I can say. OG, I'm thinking that you have been tired after shopping. After ages at home the noise of traffic and shops must have been startling?
    My Welsh friend has had a bad fall, tripped over her dog. She is in hospital with a fractured pelvis. Like me, she lives alone so I'm wondering about aftercare.
    Going to try and post this....
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    OG here - good morning, all.  Experimenting with font size!

    LINDA - sorry about G.  Hope they can make her comfortable, at least.

    HEATHER - sorry about your friend in Wales - could be a long job healing, unfortunately, especially with her other problems.

    Hey, that's too large - nothing in between!  Hoping to get knees into car today for garden centre including lunch.

    Starlings were confused yesterday by tops being off trees - took them about seven approaches to decide it was safe to come down to the feeders..  But fast learners - flew straight in today in a large flock as usual.

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    Heather: I used to step backward into Lightning when she prowled the kitchen while I was cooking dinner and was grateful she was small and lightweight.  Fractured pelvis is painful - daughter had one once after a fall from a horse. Ugh.  So we can't assume your friend will be in rehab long enough to cope at home alone? Sounds like family isn't close by.  What about in-home care?

    OG? Wow, another outing. You're becoming a social butterfly!  Hope you make it into the car along with those knees  :-)

    Getting stormy here again...   :-)