Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 January 2019

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    Wendyb: Oh that's just ghastly.   Interesting that the charity was able to take him - I'm assuming some kind of local authority was involved so there were legal grounds, but it's always nice to hear when mistreated animals finally find a good home.  My daughter has rescued horses in the past - a much more expensive undertaking.  

    Heather: What a shame you can't investigate the loo flush - it's probably just the chain or the flapper.  Hope it doesn't cost too much.  

    Lindybird:  All these electronic things have to "find" each other before they can communicate but those IP addresses (or whatever) can be tricky.  Re all that stuff, I've spent the last day going over our cable bills for the last three Januarys (new year/new rates) as they are sneaking up again.  I looked over the list of channels and picked out the ones I watch most, and out of a couple of hundred, I only regularly watch 12 or 13!  I'm waiting to go over the options with OH as I absolutely resent paying for channels I don't watch.  Sneaky companies "bundle" them so if you really want just one or two, you have to buy the whole darn package.   It's such a racket.  More and more people are "cutting the cord" to these kinds of services in favor of streaming, so the customer base is shrinking.  We get very little TV without cable or satellite dish here because we are surrounded by hills that block signals.  I should be able to connect my laptop to my TV (not a smart TV) and stream that way, but I was reading that even that is a hassle - and I'm sure the pricing arrangements are just as tricky.    Aren't you glad you know all that now?  :-))

    Lovely blustery day here.  My daughter/granddaughter bought me some really lovely chimes (individually tuned) and they sound like temple bells.  They make my older chimes sound very clang-y.

    Anyway, off to sort out the world (or at least the cable bill).  Take care all

  • WendyB - thanks for posting picture of Duke pre rehabilitation - you've done a fantastic job bringing him back to full health.

    Dentist went well, nothing to do, so that is 4 years on the trot.  Just the medical review tomorrow and not Wednesday - then hopefully everything is OK.

    Annette - its so frustrating when families squabble and cause friction but hopefully now things have progressed over the years and are a lot smoother.

    Have our Womens meeting at Church tomorrow afternoon when one of our members will be giving a talk - in fact our Presidents husband, so should be interesting.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Nanny duty was fine yesterday, Trio in good moods, I was  dismissed 12.30, came home in heat via petrol station and fruit/veg shop, slept 2 hours. Today we have been hibernating! Temp here at cool beachside suburb reached 39 C a wee while ago, weather bureau has 42, both with mere 8% humidity. Tomorrow no better. Tour Down Under cycling routes shortened, as much for spectators as for riders.

  • Glad things went well and your Nanny duty was short, AQ. Those temps would make me limp. It looks dry here today, and promises to be a warm 8 degrees. Yesterday we didn't need the heating on, it was so warm for January, at least until the evening.

    A big day for politics here today, with a vote on Brexit and no doubt a lot of talk on the media. Might not want the tv on!!

  • LINDA - I envy you the "warm" 8 degrees. Port Augusta had 48.9 C, some towns no recording as thermom only registered to 50. Our TV news full of overseas confrontations - Brexit & the infamous wall. We do have some TV to watch this eve with Portillo wandering from US to Canada and another Fake or Fortune "thriller". 

  • AQ - normally, in January,  I would be wearing a thermal vest and three layers of clothes, and still complaining about the cold. But I'm only wearing a skimpy camisole type vest and my "thinner" sweaters. 

    Later this week it's going to get properly cold, we're told! So maybe my cosy clothes will appear again. 

    We're enjoying a Portillo series about Alaska and Canada at the moment.

  • Thought I would risk trying to post a picture:  a donkey mum who is plainly in love with her offspring!!  (Don't know where it is from.....)

  • Has anyone heard from Diane - she was expecting a lot of snow.

    Love the donkeys Lindy.

    Hope this posts as the last one wouldnt - It said there had been an error and try again.

  • Harelady (OG here): Diane was on facebook yesterday evening and she had 7 inches of snow by then.

    Some improvement here - Thursday will be crunch time when J will try again to take the increased dose of his medication - seeing doc again next Monday and hoping he can then get back to work on Tuesday.  After that, he will need to be off on the Thursday to have pre-op appointment for his long awaited eye surgery!

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    Morning all:  Well, I'm watching the pre-Brexit debate live via the New York Times website  (The BBC website tells me that content isn't available in my location!)

    Lindybird:  Lovely photo of donkeys.

    OG: Good to see you and hope all goes well with J in the next couple of days.

    AQ:  Glad Nanny duty was easy; even more sympathy with those temps.  :-(

    EDIT: Well, no surprise re the Brexit vote; more to come no doubt in the days ahead.  And after all that drama, some poor man is talking to an almost deserted chamber about rail service to a town in his constituency...