Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 6 January 2019

  • Hello all, just been reading all your news.

    Diane and Annette, sounds like both areas are having a mixture of weather.

    Kate - love your crochet christening outfit, use to crochet little things a while back but don't anymore.

    OG/Forestboar,   do hope things resolve with yourself and J on those medical issues.

    Lindy - love that poem, sums up how we must all feel at times about the new layout..

    Weather has been dull most of the week with occasional sunshine and cool.

    Have a good weekend, folks.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • This may explain why posts are disappearing and then re-appearing. I have the listing set to “Newest” then I just have to scroll down a few or many to where I last read*. And read upwards. I always reply by using the “Reply” box attached to the Starter person. When my post is accepted, it immediately disappears to the bottom of the list/pages. It does not appear at the top, in order, until my next drop-in.

    * [Crazy, why can’t we have page numbers as previous.]

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ: Page numbers?  What's that?   I have Newest selected and always reply to the newest post (in this case yours) so my blathering shows up at the top.

    Diane:  Do not like the sound of 8 inches of snow  Hope you got plenty of food in.....

    Had a problem toenail sorted out on Monday and came home clasping my list of instructions (soak in Epsom Salts, no marathons or ballet classes, etc.). Toe was sorer and redder this morning so called doc's office and was told not to wear anything that rubbed it.   Oh. You mean, like....shoes??  Right!  Now doc had seen my very sensible shoes at the time - I actually drew her attention to them - and she said nought about perhaps replacing them with open-toed shoes (sandals) for a few days. She also thought I'd be able to go back to yoga class on Wednesday.  Seriously?  There was no suggestion regarding footwear on the list of instructions.  Nothing like getting helpful info four days after the event!

    I've just installed a temporary diverter under one of the drain pipes so whatever comes down that particular drain will now (hopefully) go to the bed across the walkway and not (as has happened the last year or so) pool around the bottom of the drain and compact the soil even more so that my stepping stones to the hose bib get even wonkier.  The ground is slightly lower under the drain and I'm hoping it will all hold together and do the job.  We'll see in the morning.  Lots of rain due tonight and I can't imagine the folks in Montecito will get a good night's sleep.  It's one year and two days since that awful mud flow....

    Off to see how little I can get away with for dinner   :-)

    Take care all


  • ANNETTE - I'm referring to this site as it was before the stupid upgrade.

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ: I figured that.  Was just being goofy!

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Oh, ANNETTE, I'm wincing at the thought of inflamed toe :-(  Hope it is feeling better today....

    I'm watching 84 Charing Cross Road ( again).Got splint on so this must be short. 

    Hope all are OK. I'm horrified at the number of federal employees who are without wages over there. I heard 800 thousand? 

  • In reply to Heather B:

    Heather: Toe is fine as long as I'm not wearing actual shoes.  Seriously, it's not that bad - just needs a few days.  Our useless Congress did vote to pay everyone before they all bu**ered-off home for the weekend , but that will happen only when the shutdown is ended. I'm sure the banks and mortgage companies will have no problem going along with that - ha!!  Meanwhile, the first two of a potentially massive list of Democratic contenders for President have already announced their intention to run in 2020.  Heaven preserve us.  I assume (hope) it will get whittled down fairly quickly. Thank heaven there's Brexit to distract me.....

    We got a whole inch of rain last night.  More to come this week.  :-)

  • In reply to Heather B:

    Heather: Yes, it's 800,000 federal workers who are working without pay or are furloughed. However, that doesn't include the millions of contractors who are a critical part of the federal workforce (for example, IT folks, cafeteria workers, janitors, etc.) One expert estimates that at least 4.1 million contractors are now out of work. Contractors will likely not get paid at all, even after the shutdown ends. Any business that caters to federal workers or to tourists is also in trouble (for example, restaurants are going out of business). Tourism is collapsing because all the museums, national parks, etc. are closed.