OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

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    Good Morning Everybody

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    Morning Patily

    We have the colourful phase on the nest now :-) 

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    Good morning everyone - yes I agree the older you get time seems to slip by - but it's still a long time till March.

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    Good morning, PATILY and JENNIFER (sorry I'm late).

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    I see the posts from 28 July 2016 on yesterdays thread but I am still almost certain that further on from that LG reported Rowan had caught fish for himself. Perhaps I am wrong but I'm sure LG would have a record if I am correct.

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    Hi folks. I've found this snippet from the LG blog of 3 September 2016 (a resume of the season).

    '15th August – Willow is witnessed bringing in his first fish! Although we’ll never know where he caught it, the Tesco bag is a bit of a giveaway'

    Having looked back at the DU for that day, I can't see any reference to this fish-catching from the bloggers so my guess is it was a wee joke, and what has led us to think a chick did fish for himself??

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    Acksherly, I just found this in the DU for 15 Aug 2016, so Jennifer - here's the source!

    It seems from a video by scylla that Odin brought the 7.45 fish. BNN actually visited LG that day!

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    Friday, 28 July 2006

    Fishing frenzy

    On Friday, we saw the first fish to be caught by one of our chicks.
    We see a bird flying in carrying a fish; it's Henry... but wait a second... we're mistaken - it's 8U! She lands on the nest with the fish and then flies off to the adjacent camera tree to enjoy her catch.
    All the staff and visitors at the centre watched as she ate her 8'' brown trout from head to tail - it took her 15 minutes to devour it, but I'm sure she enjoyed every beakful. As every fisherman knows, the one you catch yourself always tastes the best

    This is the only fish I know of that was allegedly caught by a juvenile since 2003 

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    Well done for your detective work Korky, but we didn't have the 'evidence' that the fish Rowan returned with at 07.45 has actually caught by him! 

    Looking back at the link you so kindly provided it seems that Odin was probably in overdrive that morning, but a buffering cam meant some action was missed. From Scylla's excellent catch-up:

    05.46.13    Willow flew to the nest in anticipation of a fish delivery

    05.46.56    Willow waits in a buffer

    05.46.57  Willow has the(whole) fish, deliverer gone - Birdie later posted a vid of the episode.  Odin delivered the fish - there had been no sighting of EJ the previous day, nor up until now.

    05.47.33  Willow mantles - no alarm calls from EJ or Odin

    05.56.15  Rowan stands waiting, in a stand-off, for Willow's fish

    07.46 .24 Odin brought in another fish for which Rowan flew in and claimed, Odin flew off, leaving the two youngsters, each with a fish.

    Sadly, there was no reporting of Rowan bringing in his own fish.  It seems that Scylla's buffer was only on Carnyx, not on VLC, which is why Birdie was able to provide alternative vids.

    What a brilliant capture of the PM, Scylla, thank you for your microscopic review of your recordings!  IMHO I think that the team are going to have to give serious thought to access, or limitation thereof, for the PMs.  Loch Arkaig reviewed their situation after they lost their three eggs to PMs earlier in the season, removing fallen branches and cutting back lower boughs, and I think they reinforced the buffer.  Other branches and tree tops probably need attention too otherwise the views not only from the camtree but the VC and FHs will be obscured, losing the whole point of protecting the nest.

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