Scylla's Mission Control

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    Happy New Year to you Clare! And of course all others as well! Nice to "see" all the familiar faces. It is time to be checking on the upcoming state of affairs, even in the midst of feet of snow here. >.<

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    What a coincidence !!!  I was sorting out your contact details yesterday, CC - long story, best not even started.

    It's lovely to see you here, I feel better already ;)

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    Yes. Not long to go to osprey season. I am not as optimistic as you Claire regarding EJ but she is a remarkable bird so you never know. Hope you are better Scylla and able to prepare Mission Control in readiness for the action.

  • Mike. That is fantastic!  

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    Post is Four years old now Lisa but MC is still going strong and some may not have seen it!

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    I hadn't seen this so thank you Mike.

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    Thanks again Mike!