Stuck swan

We were at Lakenheath on Wednesday pm (on way home to Northamptonshire) and were pleased to hear our first grasshopper warbler in a bramble patch along the raised river bank. However, we then came to the dried out pool next to the river (not actually on the reserve) and saw a swan apparently stuck in the middle of the mud. It's feet and legs were submerged and it had no food within reach. We reported it at the VC but were not impressed by the response (not our job). Did anybody else see the swan or know what happened to it?
  • Hi Barbara, I'm pleased you had a good visit last Wednesday.  I'm sorry that you felt the response we gave wasn't adequate, we do take all visitor reports of wildlife in difficulty seriously, and apologies if I gave the impression that I thought it wasn't my job.  I think I said at the time that we'd go down and have a look, which my colleague David did first thing on Thursday morning.  He saw no sign of the swan, so we assume that it managed to get itself unstuck.  We will keep an eye out for it though.

    If it had still been there, then we would have contacted either PACT animal sanctuary or the RSPCA and asked them to come and pick it up.  Unfortunately, we have neither the experience or facilities to look after sick or injured wildlife, which is why we'd call the organisations who do.

    Best wishes, Katherine (Warden)