3 December VISIT

What a place! Thanks so much to all the volunteers for the work they have undertaken, opening up new paths and building a great walkway and a marvellous traditional hide!

Had a look on the reserve site before going to see what was about and was very excited to see that there were Great White Egrets about and Short Eared Owls so it looked like it would be worth travelling from Leicester to have a look!

Well, glad to say we saw the Egrets, the first time I have ever seen this bird. Magnificent! And for the first time I saw a Red Kite at this reserve, at the time I saw it the sky was bright blue so I could see it's lovely rich colours!

I was hoping to see the Bearded Tits but it was quite dull and there was no sighting of them although I could hear them. Very frustrating, that's bird watching for you :-)

Lots of Marsh Harriers about with some great views and near the end of the visit a great view of a Kingfisher.

One of my favourite reserves and always seem to see something special every time I come :-)

Birds for ever!