RSPB Avocet mini Cruise this seasons last but one of the best!

Today was the last mini cruise of the season and what a treat it was for our visitors... Weather was fantastic with bright sunshine and light winds. Plenty of birds on show today, with up to 16 Red Breasted Mergansers, 200+ Brent Geese flying onto the river and landing in front of the boat, great views for the visitors. Two large flocks of Black tailed Godwits very close to the edge of the river with plenty of Curlew to see also. The Grey Plover looked spectacular in the afternoon sun. Avocets were all along the stretch we cruised with good numbers and groups close to the boat, they always look great with the sun on their backs. Lapwing flocks of 100+ were also great to see with a nice flock of well over 200+ Golden Plover flying towards Exminster Marshes. A couple of Grey Heron and Little Egrets were also on show. The bird that stole the show this afternoon was the Dunlin, there must have been a couple of thousand birds feeding and in flight with two large flings weaving reeling across the upper estuary, the flock changing colour as the sunlight caught the upper and undersides of the birds... a fantastic sight and what an end of this seasons mini Cruises. A couple of pictures taken on the estuary today.

Well done John Allan, Captain Steve, and all the commentators for a challenging winter season with all cruises full to the gunnels with visitors, great for the area and great for the RSPB.

This evening at Exmouth.... Brent at Sunset with a lonely end of a perfect day....


  • Any idea when the dates will be announced for this winter's cruises?  I came to one in January and enjoyed it immensely, but coming down from London for it requires a bit of forward planning, so the earlier I can start booking the better.

  • In reply to Neil W:

    Hi Neil so pleased you enjoyed you trip to the Exe and want another visit.... must be the birds not the commentators!! I will get back to you as soon as possible but the date are normally available in September.

    Kind regards


  • In reply to Derek C:

    Great, thanks - I'll keep an eye out.

  • In reply to Neil W:

    Hi Neil,

    Many thanks for your interest in this and glad you enjoyed our the cruise last year commentated by our brilliant volunteers like Derek.

    If you e-mail us at we will make sure that you get an e-mail from us as soon as the dates have been finalised.

    Kind regards

    Peter Otley - Exe Estuary Site Manager

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    Hi Neil this is what i had back from John who is the main organiser for the Avocet Cruises...

    Hi Derek

    I gave the dates to RO early last month for final approval and they should be approved today….so I’m told.

    They’ve then got to be entered on the web. So should be on the web middle of next week…..provided the person who does it is not on leave or sick etc. etc.

    Best keep a look out or as Peter says email Peter who should contact you when dates are finalised.

    Kind regards


  • In reply to Derek C:

    Thanks very much everyone for your help!