ID waders

Not sure what these birds are down at the Exe estuary just after high tide on Friday. The bigger birds may be Redshanks, they did have red legs. But what are the smaller waders? Dunlins? And we saw the Avocets, no problem with ID! Peter
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    They certainly look like redshanks and dunlin from what can be made out.

  • Hi Peter and Robbo, yes you are right obviously you have Avocet top right, the larger of the other waders are Redshank and the little fellows are Dunlin. On Bowling Green Marsh 300+ Redshank and 450+ Dunlin were counted yesterday. A couple of weeks back 630 Avocets were counted with roughly 1000+ Black Tailed Godwits and 130+ Bar Tailed Godwits were counted last week so there are a few waders about around Topsham. Hope that helps.  

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    Thank you Robbo and deveonotter13. We saw the Godwits, which I took to be black tailed, and Brent geese grazing in a field...we were over the river from Topsham near to Turf Hotel. First time I had seen Avocets; so a bit of a trill.

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    Yes pretty amazing birds