Love Dovestones and have visited for many years.  Parked at Binn Green last week to photograph the Fly Agaric, then walked round Dovestones res.  Still early afternoon.  As I got to the top of the steps I was met with the sight of a 'gentleman' having a pee next to my vehicle.  Only a few yards from the toilets. I don't know if he had any idea of the affect he has had on me but I am asking for a little bit of thought for the many women that feel threatened by such situations.

  • Hi Josie,


    Sorry to hear that you've had this not very pleasant experience and thank you for posting this on the forum.  It's obviously not acceptable and I fully support you bringing the affect that incidences like this can have on women visiting Dove Stone to the attention of everyone reading the forum and blog.  

    As far as I'm aware Binn Green has been a safe area for women visiting Dove Stone so I hope that no one is put off by your experience. RSPB staff and volunteers are regularly present at Binn Green car park as are other members of the community such as local Community Police Officers.  

    I fully support your request for a little bit of thought to which I'd add that if this sort of behaviour ( which hopefully is the exception to the rule ) is challenged ( taking into account personal safety ) by other people who might be passing during incidences such as this then we can perhaps minimise the chances of this occurring again in the future. 

    I hope this doesn't tar your future visits to Dove Stone,  Josie, and that you don't let someone like this ruin your enjoyment.

    And to the person concerned if you happen to be reading this,  puttinng it far more politely than is probably deserved,  next time,  please be a bit more aware.  Oh,  and try using the toilet..