Lots of activity at Dove Stones!

 Just thought I'd share with you that I had a great day at Dove stones! Plenty of activity! I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy and Dan who showed me the Redshank that had come to visit.

As I went around the reservoir I noticed the Kestrel was hovering and watching for prey. Absolutely brilliant!

Cheers, Jason

  • So glad you had a great time at our Dove Stone reserve. Recent storm aside, now is a great time to catch a glimpse of some of our winter visitors!


  • In reply to MrsT:

    Cheers Claire, Dovestones is only a "stone" throw away from me so I go quite a bit :)  I love it up there and plenty of places to walk, including Pots and Pans!

    Cheers, Jason

  • Hi Jason! Great to meet you the other day and great you had a nice time! That Redshank was amazing to see wasn't it, especially when it was so well camouflaged against the bank that all you could see were its legs!! Hope to see you again on another visit,


  • In reply to Mandy:

    Hi Mandy, sorry for late reply! I quickly had a walk around Dovestones other day, saw a kestrel and a heron! So a good visit!

    See you later

    Cheers, Jason