Collective Nouns ?!

One of our volunteers,  Paul,  came up with the collective noun for a group of Spoonbills,  namely a canteen of Spoonbills.  Good one ! Other collective nouns I know of are a murder of Crows and a deceit of Lapwings.  So what would be the collective noun for a group of Peregrines ?  Any suggestions ?

  • According to a fairly reliable sources the collective noun for all falcons is a 'cast of falcons'.

    among other collectives are:

     descent of woodpeckers,  charm of goldfinches, an exultation of skylarks, a mutation of thrushes ( seems a bit harsh), an unkindness of ravens (!!!?), a bouquet of pheasants ( try giving them on valentines day instead of roses), a congregation of plovers, a fling of dunlin, a kettle of hawks, a wake of buzzards, a herd of curlew, a parliament of owls.

    Some of these birds have more than one term used in the collective sense this is probably regional.


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    Hi Si,

    Thanks for that info.  My favourites amongst those are a charm of Goldfinches and a parliament of owls.  I still think we can do better than a cast of falcons - I think the Peregrine warrants something a bit more dramatic. . .!


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    I agree a cast is bit tame, at the moment I think 'a vanishing of peregrines' is appropriate, though not good PR.


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    Hiya Rachel,

    My favourite is definitely a Business of ferrets, although I also like a murmuration of starlings and a husk of hares :)  There is also a Cadge of Peregrines, but this also doesn't really fit for me, they hardly cadge their food!

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    Hi Gayna,  Thanks !  I really like ferrets - good one ! I didn't know the collective noun for hares was a husk - hope you liked the latest blog entry.  Apparently the Peregrines were seen last week - that's good to know.  Can't wait for next year ! 


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    *bump* How about a Pippin of Peregrines? As in the nickname of Peregrin Took out of Lord of the Rings?

    Also, over the hill at Buckton Castle there's the site of an old beacon- in the film, Pippin lights the beacon in Gondor...

    ...sorry, I think I might have put rather too much thought into this ;)

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    Hi Andy,

    I'm liking it ! You're in safe company as I can reveal that there are a few Lord of the Rings geeks amongst the RSPB Dove Stone team who shall remain nameless !!!

    A pippin of Peregrines it is from now on...

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    Yay! Glad you like it :)

    To be honest, I've only seen the films a couple of times, and never read the books!