For all those still hoping to catch sight of Crossbills at Dove Stone a quick update - there have been reported sightings of two in the Binn Green area on Wednesday.  I'm still looking . . .

  • Where exactly??? I am determined to see them...

    from John Harris, local RSPB member.

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    Hi John,

    In the lower part of Binn Green carpark,  facing the res with Alderman's Brow behind you,  you can walk to your left from the carpark ( don't drop down ) which meets the pines which adjoin Binn Green houses - have a look there.  You could also try as you walk down the path from Binn Green on the corner between Yeoman's Hey and Dove Stone res,  basically facing that same group of trees.  Good luck and let us know . . .!

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    Hi, would love to see them too but I don't know the names of all the areas and where there are, is there a map somewhere?..I've been tryng to google one but haven't as yet found one!


    Thank you!

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    18 August 2010 

    To Binn Green looking for crossbills. Sunny and showers.

    10.40 Jay flies to tree opposite. Quickly out of sight.

    10.50 Greater spotted woodpecker dips past, flies to top of tree and sits for 5 minutes calling out 'chip chip'.

    11am Charm of 12 goldfinches in tree tops. Noisy!

    11.15  Great tits and coal tits near feeder. 

    11.20 Blue tits and lady Chaffinch

    11.22 Several speckled wood butterflies. 

    11.30 Female GSW at feeder. 

    11.40 Magpie

    11.45 Grouse heard. 

    No sign of peregrines, but I wasn't looking. 

    No sign of the elusive crossbill.



    from John Harris, local RSPB member.

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    Hi Nicola,

    Here's a link to Ordnance Survey's get-a-map:

    I had a quick look on Google maps but they don't give you the detail you need.  I just entered Greenfield on get-a-map and it shows Binn Green carpark if you pan along a bit  - it's just up the road from the main carpark at Dove Stone - on the right if you're going in the direction of Holmfirth.  Parking's free to RSPB members - just display your card on the dash.  Hope that helps but if you need some more info let us know !

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    Off to Binn Green this morning so I'll report back if any sign of a Crossbill.  Sounds like you had a good hour despite not seeing them !

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    Thanks Rachel & lovely too meet both you and Mags today. Didn't find the crossbills but the ravens & grey wagtail were good!