Celebrating Limpy's birthday with a visit to Bempton!

Earlier this year, while we were still in lockdown, I thought the best way of giving us both something to look forward to was to book an overnight stay near Bempton Cliffs on Limpy's bithday.  The booking was made and the day arrived - and, for a bonus, we got the weather:

It was great to see a tree sparrow so close to me!

You couldn't go anywhere on this reserve without seeing jackdaws, and this one was looking particularly good.

The puffin is easily the bird most people want to see here.  These two were particularly cosy!

A gleaming razorbill in a quiet spot.

One of countless guillemots flying past.

One of two gull species nesting on the cliffs ......... the herring gull.

Followed by the rather more gentle-looking kittiwake!

Fulmars are really hard work to get in flight - just about managed it here!

I'll confess that my single biggest reason for visiting Bempton is this fantastic species - the gannet.  What a beauty.

They are so impressive in flight.

These jackdaws just get everywhere.

This beautiful feral pigeon was happily hanging around the rock doves on the cliffs.  I couldn't resist those colours.

Kittiwakes, when they get together, just don't do quiet.

These gannets were enjoying a lull before taking up their usual racket.

A beautiful guillemot.

A colourful puffin showing its wings.

Finishing with a lovely tree sparrow.  Awwwwwww.

We had a great time here, though it bears reflecting that four of the species I've shown here are on the UK Red List - the herring gull, kittiwake, puffin and tree sparrow.  I hope things improve for them all in the future.

Enjoy, as always.

Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.