Did you save my life at Bempton cliffs on 25/06/2022?

I am looking for the two people that one year ago today gave me CPR on the cliff tops between Flamborough and Bempton. I know you were headed back to the RSPB so maybe this message will get to you.  

Not only did you save my life, gave me CPR until coastguards, paramedics and air ambulance came but you also looked after my two children who would have been left alone in an awful situation with no help. There was less than a 1% chance I’d have made it off that cliff top. One year on and we are no closer to knowing who you are but I am hoping that through the various media I have done you know what you have done for my family. Thanks to you I survived and beat all odds, my children were told that evening I wouldn’t make it out of a coma but thanks to your swift action I am here to hold my children. 

Thank you!! There are no words for the selfless act you did that day and I really hope it has not negatively impacted you….after all you don’t expect to go out for a walk and some strange woman tells you she can’t breathe seconds later you are doing CPR on her! 

Please please please, let something good come from my story,  those of you who don’t know CPR please spend a few minutes learning, without these amazing strangers it would have been a very different story for my children that day.