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poorly mother robin on nest ?

I've been delighted to have robins nesting in my shed. I've really been good about leaving them in peace , but I've just had a peep at her - she's been on her nest for about 10 days. 

She is sleepng on her back.(??) She has her head in what I take to be a natural position, and is breathing, but I've never even seen pictures of this before. Im really worried. Any thoughts?

Thank you...

edit .... I'm so happy to say she is fine  - sitting looking out as usual - but I can't see how to delete my post - sorry.

  • Hi, to delete your post, hit the more option, then you will get an option to delete. Glad the robin is okay, I would stay away from the nest now, in case it disturbs her.

  • Thanks for your reply- our bikes stand in the rain, the shed is absolutely out of bounds..the nest is in my garden tool bag hanging on the wall, so the garden is neglected, so I was really unlucky to see a strange position (I didnt get v close) 

    But despite seaching the edit sub options, I cant see a delete option. Maybe admin will delete it for me...   

  • Hello, just under your post beside you can see reply, like and more options, click more and then you will see, edit, delete, or flag as spam/abuse, click delete. You can leave the post on here.

    Never mind the garden will have to wait!