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Foxes in my garden

We often get foxes wandering into our garden in Epping, especially after dark as our property backs onto farmland and there is a fox's den in the hedge along one side of the field behind us. I often go out at dusk and see the foxes moving about. The picture above shows a fox in the garden in the early evening last Friday.

The foxes like to forage and are particularly fond of our victoria plums and take them from an espalier tree growing on the side of the garden shed. 

  • I can barely get mine to leave the garden David lol...not too many people appreciate them but I certainly do as you can see in the links below

    Lovely picture ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Urban foxes are not a new scenario, and as we squeeze the life blood from our countryside plus our waste that is discarded, these animals along with other species need to live somewhere and are making the urban environment there homes.

    I mentioned  our waste, often food waste, makes easy and convenient pickings for them, though much is questionable from a healthy animal perspective.

    Mamy folk are now reporting increased sightings of deer in towns and cities, goats (the Great Orme goats of Llandudno are a classic), along with many more.

    Foxes are lovely creatures, we have probably two or more pairs that visit our garden, and the occasional badger.


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