Fantastic Mrs Fox

As some of you already know my garden has been known to have very obliging foxes, last year it was a male and this year its a female. one was up before sunrise this morning as just one of them sleepless nights and who was in the garden as I pulled up the blind

Having a drink from the pond

Before we go any further ..I must warn you the camera just kept on clicking so prepare for picture overload!!! ;-)

The cheek of her sticking her tongue  out lol

She made her way to the otherside...when asked to do so...ofcourse lol

Lie down now

Grrr ...I see you

I love how one ear just turns 

Come closer please

Aye right yar Maggie!!!

Please look at me!!!

Oh cmon MrBB no you aswell!!!

Oh this is getting boring.. camera on me please

I need a nap Linda

Oh what was that 

And that's them whittled down to a few lol

Hope you all enjoyed My time with Mrs Fox...I usually only see her about 8.30pm and light ain't that good so I was delighted to be rewarded for my lack of sleep.....;-)

(Pardon the Scottish Accent)