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Baby robins

Hi I live in semi-rural Derbyshire UK. A pair of robins have made a nest in a nest box in my garden. The mum(?) has been sitting for a while being brought food by the dad then 3 days ago they were both back and forth with grubs and flies so I guessed the babies had hatched. Then after that really cold night on Sunday- hard frost in the morning- yesterday they’ve been around in the garden but have stopped visiting the nest. I guess the babies were too small to survive the cold which is really upsetting. My question is what should I do now? Do I empty the nest box? Will they build again if I do?
Thanks in advance, Emma

  • In my opinion I would leave the nest alone, do not interfere. The parents may dispose of the babies? I am unsure if they dispose of them would they use the same nest again? Robins will have two breeds a year (3 have been known and 4 sometimes) according to RSPB stats. Hopefully you will see babies at a later stage.

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  • Worth deleting the duplicate post to save anyone else repeating comments in this thread.

    If parents aren't feeding, but had been prev., there's the chance the nest was predated.

    Nests mustn't be touched though. Nest boxes can be safely and lawfully cleaned out at the end of Summer onwards.

  • In reply to Robbo:

    Thanks yes I’ve just had a look in and the nest appears to be empty so must’ve been predated which is very sad. I do get magpies and the occasional sparrow hawk but no cats. I will leave it till the end of the year. Are they likely to come back to that spot?
  • Magpie would be the best fit. Jays are very efficient nest raiders too if you get them in the area. Jackdaws and crows are possible as well, but in this area, magpies are probably the most likely for robin nestbox raids.