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Our Pheasant


For over a year we've had a pheasant coming to our garden, he is quite tame and will stay about a couple of yards away waiting for us to throw seed for him. He has even tapped on our glass back door with his beak looking in at us and then running across the paving to wait.

Two questions, "How long does a Pheasant live," we will be heartbroken when he goes, as he can sometimes stay in our garden for up to a couple of hours. Sometimes he will sit in our Greenhouse, so we just leave him in peace there.

The other question is at this time of year, we think he will probably be looking around for a mate, but yesterday he arrived and had a very bad limp. We wondered if it had been caused during a fight with another pheasant. He had a job getting around, but finally managed to fly on to our fence and down the other side. Do you think he will be alright? 


  • Flying is way more important than walking in the survival stakes. Birds don’t run away from predators they fly. If it was the other way round it’d be more problematic. Without flight it’d be better to rescue him and take him to local wildlife rescue.

    He’d sure appreciate seeds, our pheasants loves sunflower seeds as most birds do.
  • Hi
    We have sorted adopted a female pheasant. We nursed her back to health after a buzzard dropped her in our garden.
    She know lives in our garden and I’ve built her a pen which she happily goes in on her own.
    Question is how long we she survive without any predators?
    She will come to our call but dosent like being picked up! And comes in the house daily!
    She also has an Instagram account penny_the_pheasant
    Joy we have gone mad!
  • The Wildlife Trust estimates up to 2 yrs life span but as a pet with safe regular food and water plus protection from the elements she could live longer than that.
    But it depends how old she already is, female pheasants in our area are really white when young adults then slowly go deeper brownish so she must be a bit older but not sure how much older.
    Good on you for taking care of her.
  • Thanks rusty Thumbsup
    I’ve read they can live up to 10yrs in captivity!
    That seems long. she is this years chick so I reckon around 4-5 months old. She is really funny to watch and is quite social with us . As long as she is out of arms reach Grin
    Would like another chick but don’t seem to able to get one till next may/june
  • I have a cock pheasant coming to me for about 5 months now. Daily for breakfast at 7am and lunch at 1pm or there abouts. I love him and have called him Archie. He squarks and taps the window if I don't get his bowl of food out immediately he arrives xx

  • Wonderful. They all have different personalities. Some come running towards you and some are shy. They’re wonderful birds.
  • Hello!

    I can see this is an old thread, but I just wondered how long your pheasant continued to visit?  Perhaps you have more now?  We have a wild pheasant with one curled up foot who visits us and we have named him Limpy.  He has been coming for about 3 years now - we know it’s the same one because of his pronounced limp.  Currently he has a female companion with him and he’s staying in the garden for longer periods.  We feed him along with our other birds but he’s such a scared bird!  We are very fond of him and always keep an eye out for him coming and going.  If we haven’t seen him for a while we are always glad when he returns.  It sounds as if he has made it to a good age but hopefully he’ll keep coming for a while yet.  If he can rid our lawn of moss we won’t complain!

    in terms of young, we’ve never had pheasant chicks in the garden, but we had several partridges on one occasion.  Maybe this will be the year…