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Can you imagine a Wales without the call of the cuckoo in spring, the buzzing of bumblebees in summer or autumnal gatherings of curlew on our shores? It’s a dreadful thought, but these are all species that we’re losing fast from our countryside.

What about the majestic Greenland white-fronted geese; winter visitors to Wales, whose global population is suffering such a severe decline that we are very concerned for their future.

(Photograph courtesy of Paul Marshall)

The small wintering population in Wales is shrinking fast. Just 19 geese were seen at the Dyfi this year, with a small number of sightings at one or two other places in north Wales. Nevertheless, our small population is still crucial to maintaining the species’ southern range and well-being.

The birds are highly loyal to the sites where they spend the winter, coming back year after year. That means that when they’re gone from Wales, they’re almost certainly gone for good.

Yet Wales is one of only two countries in the world on the geese’s migration path where there isn’t a total ban on shooting them. There is currently a voluntary moratorium on shooting Greenland white-fronted geese in parts of Wales at certain times of year, which wildfowling clubs comply with. But this does nothing to protect the geese in the wider countryside.

Now we have a chance to change that. The Welsh Government has the power to completely ban shooting of white-fronted geese, and they have just launched a public consultation to find out what you think.

Please urge the Welsh Government to introduce a total ban on shooting these threatened birds.

Together, we can ensure that Greenland white-fronted geese can’t be shot in Wales. Together, we can help save these threatened birds from disappearing altogether.

Please respond to the Welsh Government’s consultation today and let them know that you support a complete ban on shooting all white-fronted geese.

Please email . . .

. . . with the subject “white-fronted geese consultation”.

Make sure you let them know you support option 1 – a total ban on shooting white-fronted geese across Wales.

Every response matters and can help protect these endangered birds.

Future generations will thank you.

If you need help when you’re deciding what to say you can use our short briefing here:

white-fronted geese briefing.pdf