Fersiwn Gymraeg ar gael yma

Everyone that has campaigned to save the Gwent Levels – for over a decade - now waits in anticipation of the Welsh Government’s final decision. The public inquiry report is undoubtedly with Welsh Government officials as we write and Ministers will determine whether to consent the scheme based on its contents. The coming weeks are make or break, for the relief road and for nature.

This vital area of South Wales is legally protected for its rare wildlife, its ancient ecosystem of waterways and wetlands, and the incredible benefits it brings to local communities. The (at least) £1.4bn Black Route proposed by the Welsh Government, which would fracture this ancient landscape, has been condemned by Wales’ own Future Generations Commissioner.

After the First Minister announces his decision, the Inspectors’ report will be published and there will be an Assembly debate. The First Minister has indicated this will take place before the Welsh Government’s final decision on whether contracts are let to get construction underway – so even if consent is granted for the Black Route, the vote could still be influential.

Your AM will be able to represent your views and vote on whether the Government’s decision is the right one for Wales. It is crucial as many AMs as possible speak up for nature in this debate.

Ben Andrew, rspb-images.com

Although it may not be a binding vote, this is the strongest chance we have to influence the Government’s actions; our last chance to stop the new stretch of motorway and save the Levels.

Ask your AM to speak up for nature in the debate and vote against the M4 Black Route.

You can find some tips on how to contact your decision maker in our campaign guide (it says MP but the same rules apply to all our political representatives) and you can find your AMs here.

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