Fersiwn Gymraeg ar gael yma.

Earlier this month we teamed up with a group young campaigners to meet with Future Generations Commissioner (FGC) for Wales, Sophie Howe. As well as discussing what action needs to be taken to save Welsh nature, we also presented her with our Future Wales Wishbook.

The Future Wales Wishbook has been created and signed by young environmentalists from around Wales, with the help of RSPB Cymru. Specifically addressed to the FGC, the book shows the love, hopes and concerns that young people have for Welsh nature, as well as what they want to see in future.

 2019 has seen young campaigners from around the globe call on their decision makers to do more to tackle the twin ecological and climate crises by taking to the streets. In Wales, we saw thousands of protesters take action on the 20 September as part of the Youth Climate Strike (YCS) and it was here that our ‘Future Wales Wishbook’ was born. We began by gathering contributions at the YCS, before sending the wish book around Wales for as many young people as possible to get involved.

Three young campaigners joined us to present the book to Sophie, including 23 year-old environmentalist Tessa Marshall who said: “Without nature we cannot save the planet. And we can’t do it without structural system change either. I hope that our meeting influenced the FGC to not only continue her work on influencing the government to become carbon neutral, but to also stand up for nature and take a bold stance on system change in Wales.”

The FGC is currently putting together her Future Wales report, where she will set out her key priorities. With the report likely to be influential in the development of all parties’ manifestos and used to inform the next Welsh Government, we’re hoping to see nature and biodiversity featured heavily throughout.

We’ve been encouraging nature enthusiasts to take part in the FGC’s public consultation via the People’s Platform. The initiative aims to give the public an opportunity to speak up for the issues that they care about, ahead of the publication of the Future Wales next May. With the deadline extended until the end of this year, there is still time to give Welsh nature a much-needed voice. You can join the conversation here.