What volunteering do you do?

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    Hi, I volunteer at Old Moor and absolutely love it! I'm a 'reserve guide' which means I wander around and chat to people on the reserve - I talk to them about the birds/bees/flowers/butterflies...pretty much anything...great! I also help out with the Wild Monday/Wednesdays and anything else that fits into my life..

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    Hi there

    Interesting up to date posts on what people are doing with their spare time.

    This is 'some' my past adventures with being a volunteer if anyone cares to have a look.  I started with this group at the age of 21 years old and remain a member to this day.

    This is a post that I would like to add here because it is to do with volunteering.  You will need to post the link on your URL window at the top of the page


    Kathy and Dave

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    I volunteer at Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead and it's easily the most rewarding thing I've ever done.  It's an honour to be able to get so close to our beautiful wildlife.

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    I've volunteered with Lincoln Date With Nature for Peregrine Falcon's now for a year and a hlaf. This Year I volunteered at Hartsholme Park with Heron Watch and I am looking forward to doing Date With Nature agian in 2011.

    It is great fun and you get to meet some really nice peopl, and staff from EERO, who are always nice and friendly, Kathryn Liegh and Becky Ingham are just two of the staff who were very supportive and friendly tthis year...

    I really enjoy volunteering ith the rspb, and it surprised me that if you do fifty hours thn you get a volunteers card, which is great for shopping with the RSPB.

    Well theres not more I can say, but if youre not volunteering with the rspb then I can really recommend it.

    Eddy. C

  • I sit fairly regularly in the Frampton Office in front of their computer and bring all the mapmate entries up to date from all the various sources who record wildlife activities on the reserve. I have been doing this for several years now. Also approximately once a week I "chew the fat" with the visitors to the Frampton Visitor Centre. It all helps to keep me out of mischief in my long retirement. ( I was early retired by the Nat West Bank some eighteen years ago).

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    hi i have just started volunteering up at dovestones and binngreen filling the feeders up 2 /4 times a week really pleased to help out !!!

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    Ohh first post in this forum!

    What voluntary things are you involved in? 

    Over the last year I've been involved in Bird Friendly Schools, at a local nature reserve and Volunteer & Farmer Alliance.

    I have just become a volunteer Reserve Ranger at Strumpshaw Fen in Norfolk. Looking forward to getting started.

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  • HI

    I have been a volunteer now for two years at the Saltholme  Reserve in Cleveland, my main role is as a Hide Guide at least once a week with the occasional weekend as reserve walk guide. I enjoy meeting the general public and passing on my knowledge of the various birds that frequent the reserve.   


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    I've been a vol at Rainham Marshes for 7 years helping build the infrastructure on Thursday work parties and vehicle maintenance.  I also help out on reception and optic sales and trail walk to meet visitors.

    I also help with Date with Nature at Tate Modern peregrines in London.

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    I've joined up as a letter writer, recently sent my 1st letter to my MP.


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