Update on volunteering

Since our Choughs fledged earlier this year we have ahd reports of the female juvenile being seen near Aber Falls on the North Wales coast. This is interesting as juveniles from our nest last year headed West rather than North..

Three Choughs have been seen flying in and out of the nest cavern but no-one was able to see any coloured rings so no ID.

We have been developing a woodland walk at Portmeirion with the help of the garden staff there and those of us doing have been learning a lot about trees, fungi and lichens etc. It's been huge fun!

As well as all that I have learned to do the commentaries on the Puffin Island Cruises going out from Beaumaris. That is fantastically enjoyable. There was one cruise when birds were just popping in and out of the water all round us - Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots, Black Guillemots, Cormorants Shags, Kittewakes, Fulmars, Gannets, Eider Duck, Sandwich Terns and Greater and Lesser Black Backed Gulls. Harbour Porpoise and seals completed the picture! Marvellous! :-)))

I am having a great time with the RSPB!