Between a rock and a hard place (i.e. Cumbria and North East). Placement advice please.

I would love to volunteer for ecological projects but because of where I live, Alston Moor, I am stuck trying to decide whether to approach the North East or Cumbria or Durham (right in the middle here but it is an ecologically vibrant area with it's own specific issues).  We're in between three huge areas with huge conservation needs.  Please can somebody tell me where I might be able to help that is near this joining of three counties (did I mention Northumberland?) make that four.  Right on loads of borders.  I think there is a reserve at a place called Tindale on the road to Carlisle but I know nothing about it.  I've only been a member of the R.S.P.B. for a few months.

  • Hi Wigglywormhole!

    There is indeed a reserve on the Carlisle road - our Geltsdale reserve and there are volunteer opportunities there ranging from practical work, monitoring or visitor work.  You can find these by looking on our website at, then select I'm game for anything, and choose cumbria from the drop down list.

    It's worth keeping your eyes on the website as we'll be hopefully be advertising some opportunities up near Kielder forest in a month or two, and then to the west in the Lake District. 

    Hope you still interesed in volunteering - sorry for the delay but I've only just got onto the community!


    RSPB Volunteering Development Officer, Northern England