Whole school bird watching

Please can somebody share ideas how to manage the whole school bird watch. We are quite clear how to organise it, but we are not sure how to submit the results. We have 9 classes that we would like to split into smaller groups for their bird watching hour. Does each group need to register to submit the results? Do you collect all the results from each class and submit as one big group and  each class teacher registers? Or do we use one registration?

  • Hi,


    Splitting each class into groups is a great idea. We would suggest that after each group has completed their birdwatch, you collate their results to form one set of results per class. From this, each class can submit their results and use the interactive whiteboard activity.  To do this, each class can be registered separately by their class teacher (doing this means that every class will receive a resource pack and their own thank you certificate), or you could register once, as a school and each class can submit their results from this single registration.


    I hope this helps!