• School Gives Hampshire Bird Life a Boost

    Taking part in this years Big Schools' Birdwatch has involved the whole school community and given the children of Bedales prep School, Dunhurst fantastic opportunities to bring their learning to life.


    More than 200 birdfeeders have been made in one week by school children as part of the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

    Every pupil at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst embraced the challenge of getting closer to…

    • 10 Mar 2016
  • New research: correlations between children’s connection to nature and education, wellbeing and action to save wildlife

    There are some things in life that often go unquestioned. Quite often, these are ‘good’ things. Things that, to many of us, would just seem to be common sense.

    The importance of children caring for nature, would, I suggest, be one of those very things.

    Equally, as researchers, advocates and conservationists, we know the importance of being grounded in sound science and basing our positions and practices…

    • 16 Feb 2016
  • Free RSPB education outreach in cities across Britain

    Pupils from primary schools across England and Wales are getting closer to nature thanks to an exciting partnership between the RSPB and Aldi.

    Rizwan, a Y3 student from Oldham, exclaimed, "I'm not scared any more — I’ve never held a worm before and I thought it'd bite me but it just tickles!"

    The new free outreach sessions, currently available in 11 cities across the UK, see RSPB trained…

    • 30 Nov 2015
  • New RSPB research finds that connected kids are healthy kids!

    A new study has shown for the first time that children’s connection to nature is directly related to their health and wellbeing.

    The research undertaken by Queen’s University Belfast for the RSPB involved 2,400 children aged eight to 12 years, as part of the annual Kids’ Life and Times questionnaire.

    It builds on our 2013 report which established national baselines for UK children’s connection to nature…

    • 19 Nov 2015
  • Environmental Award for Shetland's Nature Friendly Schools

    Martha Devine, RSPB Scotland’s Community Engagement Officer in Shetland describes her delight at receiving a Shetland Environmental Award for innovative work with schools and explains more about the project. 

    Yesterday, Karen Mackelvie our Community Learning Officer went to receive a Shetland Environmental Award. She was thrilled to accept the honour which was for RSPB Scotland’s (mainly her) work facilitating…

    • 12 Nov 2015
  • Sign up for Big Schools' Birdwatch!

    I’m delighted to announce that Big Schools’ Birdwatch is now open for registration at rspb.org.uk/schoolswatch

    If you’ve taken part before than please sign up again – you know how great it is.

    If you’ve not taken part in Big Schools’ Birdwatch before – you should.

    All you and your class need to spend a minimum of one lesson (or lunchtime) between the 4thJanuary and the 12t…

    • 22 Oct 2015
  • Rhydypenau/Nant Fawr Case Study

    The following post was written by Sarah Mitchell, our Youth & Education Officer in Wales.


    Many schools find it difficult to get children engaged with nature. This is often because the school grounds do not lend themselves to the activities that would get the children engaged and excited about the world around them. We need to therefore find a way that we can give the children access to these experiences…

    • 22 Sep 2015
  • The RSPB is now a Friend of Eco-Schools England!

    The RSPB are proud to announce that they are now a Friend of Eco-Schools England. As such, schools who earn a Wildlife Action Award will have met some of the criteria towards achieving an Eco-Schools award.

    Keep Britain Tidy's Education manager Morgan Phillips said, "We’re really excited that RSPB have joined us as a Friend of Eco-Schools England. We know that a lot of schools already use RSPB’s fantastic…

    • 9 Sep 2015
  • It's Our World - mass participation arts project

    We are very happy to support our partners, The John Muir Trust, with this amazing mass-participation arts project!

     It’s Our World is a mass participation arts project that aims to create the UK’s largest online collection of artwork celebrating the environment, as seen through the eyes of its future custodians, aged 4–19 years.

    The purpose is to inspire children and young people to speak out for positive…

    • 25 Aug 2015
  • Become a young advisor for Scottish Natural Heritage and Young Scot!

    Our partners at SNH and YoungScot have an exciting opportunity for 15 young people across Scotland to be involved with advising SNH and Young Scot on caring for the natural environment. Please get in touch directly if you are interested!


    We are looking for 15 young people from across Scotland, aged 14-23 to be part of a new  team which will help and advise Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Young Scot on involving…

    • 11 Aug 2015
  • The RSPB’s Education Enewsletter - and free resources!

    The RSPB offers an enewsletter for teachers, educators and anyone else that works in an educational capacity with children. It is broadcast three times a year – termly - and contains information about activities and projects that you, your class and your school can get involved in. It also signposts you to new resources created by the RSPB to support your teaching and your children’s discovery of nature.…

    • 6 May 2015
  • School Visits to RSPB nature reserves

    Have you booked a school trip for your class yet? Bring your pupils to one of our fantastic nature reserves and have a great day out exploring a wide variety of habitats and all the fascinating wildlife that lives there. All our programmes are linked to the curriculum and provide plenty of hands-on exploration and fun.  We have been awarded the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, so you can be sure…

    • 27 Apr 2015
  • Sing a song of sixpence: Blackbirds top of the class again in RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch

    Starlings hang on to the second spot, but third place is taken for the first time by house sparrows in the world’s largest school wildlife survey

    Schoolchildren are bound to know the words to the old nursery rhyme featuring four and twenty blackbirds, but encouragingly most children will be familiar with these birds as they are once again found to be the most spotted species in playgrounds across the UK.

    89% of…

    • 31 Mar 2015
  • All the data for Big Schools' Birdwatch is in.

    At last, all the data from the website and all that has been sent via the post has been collated. An enormous thank you to every school, club, family – every single person that has taken part in this year’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch.

    The data will now spend a few weeks with our scientists who will analyse it and find out the top ten birds for 2015 – as well as finding the top ten birds for England, Northern…

    • 23 Feb 2015
  • Children and the Natural Environment

    A report has been published recently by Natural England that reveals how much access the nation’s children have to the natural environment.

    Natural England, along with Defra, English Heritage and King’s College London, have worked with MENE - the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment – to survey for the first time the experiences the under 16s have in green spaces.

    Credit to Andy Hay

    There are a few findings…

    • 3 Feb 2015
  • Guest post from The Coach House Day Nursery Forest School

    The children at The Coach House Day Nursery Forest School took part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch.  Leading up to the survey the Forest School leaders talked to the children about counting the birds.  They made bird feeders to encourage as many types of birds as they could in the weeks leading up to the bird count.  The group of children went out into the Forest.

    First they listened to see if they could…

    • 29 Jan 2015
  • Guest post from St Comgall's Primary School

    We’d like to say a big thank you to RSPB Northern Ireland for coming to St Comgall's Primary School in Bangor and doing the Schools' Birdwatch with the P3 children. They enjoyed learning about the different birds, what they look like and the songs they sing.

    Since the visit, the children have helped keep the feeding stations full of seeds etc. and we plan to make some of the bird pastry into wiggly…

    • 27 Jan 2015
  • Ideas for your Big Schools' Birdwatch

    As I’m sure you’re aware, there are three different ID resources available for children to take part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. There are ID cards aimed at ages five and under, a poster aimed at 6 – 11 year olds and a poster aimed at ages 11 and older. All you have to do is register at our website to take part: http://www.rspb.org.uk/schoolswatch/

    This post suggests a few ideas that you could…

    • 23 Jan 2015
  • Guest post from fairandfunky

    Our first guest post this year is from fairandfunky, a community interest company with the mission statement: 'empowering people to take little steps to change the world'

    Feed the birds!


    At fairandfunky we’re always looking for new ways to empower people to take little steps to change the world. In our SCRAPtastic workshops we only ever use recycled materials and encourage people to think about the things they…

    • 13 Jan 2015
  • First day of Big Schools' Birdwatch

    It’s finally here! The first day of the Big Schools’ Birdwatch! I imagine that as I’m typing this, schools the length and breadth of these isles are busy at work counting birds, making recycled bird feeders, and hopefully using this as part of a science, numeracy or literacy activity.

    Don’t worry if you haven’t yet signed up or this is the first you’ve heard about it – the Big Schools’ Birdwatch runs…

    • 5 Jan 2015
  • Children 'prefer to play outdoors than watch TV'

    A survey, undertaken by Eureka Children's Museum in West Yorkshire (a place I fondly remember visting once in my youth), has discovered that 81% of children1 prefer playing outside to watching TV.

    I personally find this an incredibly heartening figure. Often one hears statements claiming that children are being consumed by electronic devices to the detriment of outdooor play – but the data from this study certainly…

    • 16 Dec 2014
  • LOtC Heroes honoured at the Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Learning Outside the Classroom 2014

    Leading practitioners in the world of learning outside the classroom (LOtC) have been recognised as ‘LOtC Heroes’ at an awards ceremony at Masa Restaurant Winebar in Derby.

    The Awards for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC honour individuals and teams of people who have made a significant impact on the lives of children and young people through their commitment and dedication to providing and/or championing…

    • 12 Dec 2014
  • Your chance to shape our work with schools

    Hello, I’m Janet the new Schools’ Outreach Officer at the RSPB. Over the last couple of months I’ve been finding out  all about the schools that currently do amazing work with the RSPB - James is already very excited about the numbers that have registered for the Big Schools’ Birdwatch this year!

    My passion is to see children discover the wonders of nature for themselves, to explore the beauty…

    • 5 Dec 2014
  • Big Schools' Birdwatch is back!

    Big Schools’ Birdwatch is Back!

    I’m delighted to announce that Big Schools’ Birdwatch is now open for registration at rspb.org.uk/schoolswatch

    If you’ve not taken part in Big Schools’ Birdwatch before – you should. Essentially, you and your class (or group, club etc.,) need to spend a total of one hour between the 5th January and the 13th February (the first half-term after Christmas…

    • 5 Nov 2014
  • How you can help to put nature at the heart of all schools


    Picture credit Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)

    As a reader of this blog, I know you are passionate about inspiring children to care for nature, and know the diverse benefits it can bring to children, the environment and wider society?* This post is a call for you all to help make sure all children connect with nature, by sharing your enthusiasm and experiences...

    The RSPB believes that all children should have regular opportunities to connect with nature, and…

    • 29 Aug 2014