Pearson Primary school in Hull visited Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve and turned it into inspiration for some incredible David Hockney style artwork!

We hope there can be some inspiration for outdoor learning in and out of school grounds found in the case study of Pearson Primary school's David Hockney inspired artwork along with reflections on brighter times. Due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, for the safety of teachers, pupils and RSPB staff and volunteers, all Schools on Reserves sessions are not currently running.

Year 4 had been learning about the landscape style of art by David Hockney. Focusing on applying materials, in the example below; chalk, by the technique of layering whilst focusing on the formal elements of colour (which is so reminiscent of Hockney's work) alongside pattern and composition. Some children used secondary sources of the local Bempton Cliffs to guide their compositions with Pearson Primary positing on Twitter, "In Class 4, we've recreated #DavidHockney coastal landscapes, applying layering, colour and pattern work last week. We then created our own, some freestyle and some inspired by @Bempton_Cliffs - we can't wait to see the real thing!"

...and see the real thing they did!

The children were filled with enthusiasm and inspiration from their time in the natural world with their teacher posting; "Thank you Kerry, Martin and Pauline from RSPB @Bempton_Cliffs. We've had a fantastic day being geologists and ornithologists!!"

With first hand experience of the landscape and wildlife living within it, the children were primed with the skills, knowledge and experience to produce some incredible artwork saying "Since our visit to @RSPB_Learning @Bempton_Cliffs, we've converted some of our #Hockney inspired pastel coastal landscapes into #Hockney style ipad landscapes. Textures, layers, depth and colour. What do you think?" We think this incredible work speaks for its self! We hope you are inspired to create artwork which develops knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject using the natural world for inspiration!