Big Schools Birdwatch at Northgate High School and Sixth Form is in Ipswich, Suffolk

Written by Gemma Irwin

We are lucky to have lots of green spaces and a supply of bird food funded by the PTA. We carried out our Big Schools Birdwatch on the afternoon of 11th December. Students who participated are members of Forefront Group, who undertake activities that enrich spoken language, encourage listening, and expand their knowledge of the local area. We observed birds in our playground, our Wildlife and Wellbeing garden and a green space for staff. Our playground is extremely popular with black headed gulls and pied wagtails!

 Our results:

 Blackbird 3

 Black headed gull 34

 Blue tit 4

 Carrion crow 1

 Magpie 5

 Robin 1

 Greenfinch 1

 Dunnock 1

 Woodpigeon 4

 Long tailed tit 3

 Pied wagtail 19

 Wren 1


We sat in the greenhouse to observe the birds in our Wildlife and Wellbeing garden.

 Watching the birds that visit a green space for staff.

 We have hung up lots of feeders.

 Our Wildlife and Wellbeing Garden 

 Our Magnolia tree with its many feeders

Quotes from students:

“I enjoyed seeing rare birds” Rayan

“Seagulls seem to like to come to our school” Ioana

“It was nice looking at the nature of our school” Reanna 

“It was calm to watch” Ioana

“We will be more aware of looking and listening for birds that visit our school” everyone